In the Rear of the Enemy

In the Rear of the Enemy


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Nicolas H (kr) wrote: Kenneth Loregan has done it well , the background moments fit perfectly and helps adding dynamic movements to the movie , which certainly is not easy in a dramatic film , likewise the script and particularly the music were perfect , almost cried with Adagio in G minor and felt all the struggle of the characters with themselves

Kimberly B (jp) wrote: A few disclaimers: 1.) I do not like country music; 2.) I am not from the South 3.) I didn't actually watch the entire movie all at once, straight through -- saw parts of it (but eventually the whole thing) at different times.That being said, I saw previews for this & had a guilty desire to see it. I generally do not like these Lifetime channel type films, but it looked like it might be satisfyingly dramatic. And I like Gwyneth Paltrow.I knew the reviews were bad, so my expectations were low. And yeah . . . so it's flawed. But I still kind of like this! It's definitely popcorn Lifetime movie level, but definitely better than tv. And definitely better than a lot of movies that have very cheesy & predictable elements but yet have gotten less criticism. That terrible Anne Hathaway film, "Love and Other Drugs," comes to mind as the perfect counter example: much cheesier dialogue; WE channel plotline; much worse acting; predictable outcome . . . so why didn't that get panned and "Country Strong" did? Anyway, I actually kind of liked the music here, and I got sucked into the drama. I felt empathy for the characters, and I didn't predict the ending. The acting, I thought, was actually really good. The emotions depicted are more complex and complicated than you might expect.If you're a guy, you probably won't have much tolerance for this unless you just like watching Gwyneth Paltrow. No, it's not a happily-ever-after story, necessarily, so if you're a girl and you only like fairy tale endings, then this won't work for you. But I've seen much worse films and if you just feel like a little escapism and some emotional catharsis, give this a try. It doesn't deserve any Oscars, certainly, but neither do I think it deserves all the negative reviews, either. Kick back with some wine & ice cream & bring some tissues & enjoy a little drama and pathos with a country twang.

kan T (us) wrote: cerezlik amerikan kasaba geyiklerinden... "buradan gitmem gerekiyor"

Brody M (gb) wrote: Heartwarming & Hilarious

Rick B (de) wrote: Nice action but very bad plot, not one of Cuba's best...

Mikey M (ag) wrote: Might have crept into the so bad it's good category, but ultimately doesn't because it was shot too carefully. That tells me that the filmmaker was really trying to make something worthwhile (even considering the tongue-in-cheek castrations). Fiona Horsey deserves a mention for putting herself out there so purposefully, but in the end this movie boils down to genuine crap.

Gabriel C (jp) wrote: With a charming cast, skillful direction and clever writing, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is destined to become a classic.

Andrey B (mx) wrote: A complicated plot and fine performances make this movie interesting to follow. Nicole Kidman in a classic role of femme fatale is beautiful and convincing. Bill Pullman is outstanind in the role of her 'goofy', at first sight, husband. Alec Baldwin is as usually charismatic and charming in the role of a young surgeon.

JC (kr) wrote: Hilarious update to a classic Marx Brothers formula, mostly lifted directly from "A Night at the Opera", subsituting ballet for opera. It's not exactly Marxist, but it's dang close.

Devon R (de) wrote: It wasn't as good as I remember it. I think the last time I saw it was more than... 15 years ago?

Shantell R (kr) wrote: just for Zooey Deschanel

Bruce20 B (us) wrote: Age of Ultron shows yet another movie that is a build up of a few movies. In now Phase 2mof the MCU, Age of Ultron is not the top movie of the phase unlike The Avengers in Phase 1, but still Exhilarates past other hero films. My Score: 94%