In the Room

In the Room

This sensitive and sensual film draws together several narratives spanning several decades, all of them transpiring in the same room of the same Singaporean hotel — and all of them involving sex.

Six different stories of six couples in a particular room in a hotel in Singapore. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


In the Room torrent reviews

G R (us) wrote: It's a movie based on a video game so I don't take it too serious, it was ok, but it couldn't really keep my attention. The story wasn't that interesting and the action was not enough to make up for it.

Gareth J (jp) wrote: Not sure what this film point was strange film.. watch until the end but have no idea why!

steven c (kr) wrote: A poor attempt to try and bring back the first film.

Bill L (fr) wrote: A tremendous film that is criminally underrated.

Lisa K (ca) wrote: Lucky Joaquim Phoenix while suffering from depression gets to choose between two beautiful women while living with his parents. These women happen to show up in his life with no initiative on his part. Basically, one woman represents lust and one love. Watch the movie to see who "wins", you won't be disappointed.

Chloe C (de) wrote: there can't be anything less than good when Dench, Smith & Margolyes are in it together. loved every minute of it!

Benji G (ag) wrote: A fantastically unique film with an individual voice in regards to the romantic-comedy genre. Allen steals the show with his writing, but Keaton's performance is pitch-perfect as well.

bill s (ca) wrote: The best baseball movie ever.More of a mystical,magical journey than a movie but one I take every summer..terrific.

John W (de) wrote: somewhat more entertaining than the usual b-scifi. i liked it