In the Shadow of Gold Mountain

In the Shadow of Gold Mountain


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Gbenga O (it) wrote: What a ride the brothers and the band had on their way to stardom. They wouldn't have it any other way.

Mitch M (gb) wrote: A relentless downer of a movie -- the story of a young Russian girl in an unnamed provincial town and her relationship with her wild, selfish mother. It's worth seeing because it's so well made, but very difficult to watch (see also Mike Leigh's Naked). I would caution non-Russian audiences that in many ways it is likely to confirm all your worst stereotypes of Russians. Don't let it. This is a nightmare set in a modern Russian context.

Shane K (nl) wrote: This is actually a very good movie. Its has no big named stars but its backed up by good acting and an awesome story line i like it!!!

Walter M (us) wrote: In "Somers Town," teenaged Tomo(Thomas Turgoose) is having a hard time in London, having just run away from his native Nottingham. Soon after his arrival, he is beaten up and robbed of all his belongings. Marek(Piotr Jagiello) is also new to London from Poland, along with his father(Ireneusz Czop), a railway worker. In order to blend in better, he has been given a counterfeit Arsenal T-shirt from Graham(Perry Benson) for services rendered to cover up the Manchester United one he was wearing. Marek still stands out enough with his photos of Maria(Elisa Lasowski), a French waitress, to catch Tomo's attention in a cafe. While so light and insubstantial that it is almost instantly forgettable, "Somers Town" does manage to convey some serious thoughts about the difficulties of adjusting to a new life in the big city. Tomo has a tough time of it because he is alone(He knows Jane(Kate Dickie), who is old enough to be his mother, but if she is a relation, wouldn't she call his parents?). On the other hand, Marek and his father do not even have English as a first language, alhtough they are quick learners from unusual sources, but they have each other at least, even as homesickness might take hold from time to time.

EddaDrama (kr) wrote: So Kyla Pratt goes for another round with her favorite pets. This is a good family movie here. This installment shows us that Maya is ready to grow up. Time to make some live changing decisions. A solid add to the Dolittle series.

Dave C (es) wrote: And you're always talking about, "Muhammad, you're not the same man you were 10 years ago." Well, I asked your wife, and she told me you're not the same man you was two years ago!

Zachary C (de) wrote: It doesn't work as a sports film and it doesn't work as a comedy either. What it does succeed in is making you wish Will Ferrel was in something better.

Mark H (gb) wrote: almost a classic film, can't really dislike it

Paul D (es) wrote: Script heavy, but distinctly Scandinavian in style for it in this era, it demands a lot of attention as it dissects a failing love-triangle.

Ashley H (ru) wrote: Isle of the Dead is a decent film. It is about several people who are trapped by quarantine for the plague in 1912 on a Greek island. Boris Karloff and Ellen Drew give good performances. The script is a little slow in places. Mark Robson did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the drama and mystery.

James O (us) wrote: A bit wet and a rehash of history in places but I liked this portrayal of the conquests of Saladdin. Felt entertaining throughout with some good war scenes, particularly the final battle in Jerusalem.

Ian C (ag) wrote: The great man has to deal with some Nostradamus type shit. The first half is decent and enjoyable but the latter part is really poor and ruins what was a very promising premise. The CGI is extremely dodgy Aswell.

Zachary Y (it) wrote: YEARS ahead of its time. Great male and female leads. excellent directing, compelling plot.

Jason K (ca) wrote: Hate period films. Hate