In the Shadows of the City

In the Shadows of the City

To escape the civil war between Christians and Muslims, a Lebanese family moves from the countryside to Beirut, only to find themselves caught in an equally dangerous situation

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In the Shadows of the City torrent reviews

Joe W (br) wrote: Awful pile of crap the ending was the worst in years like seriously and the low budget shows.

Robert I (ru) wrote: I am shamed for not watching this yet. ='(

Pam B (br) wrote: This was one of my first lesbian movies when I was coming out, and likely the only decent one that existed in the 80s. I liked the story, and stayed interested

steven m (nl) wrote: has an infuriating "Monster A Go-GO" type ending.

Patrick F (kr) wrote: It might have gotten a full star if it hadn't had such a good cast. I love all the actors in it and truly wanted to love the movie, but it was so monumentally bad that the outstanding cast only served to highlight how terrible this movie really was. Just painful.

Jesse F (ru) wrote: It features great performances from Douglas and Murphy in one of her best but the plot just feels thin and the thrills are few.

Cory G (es) wrote: Not your traditional horror movie. Where most fail and focus on all the gore and guts to gross you out this movie albeit a slow burn builds a slow relationship with you and the two main characters. Details which are usually omitted actually stick out in your recollection and endear you to the characters. Could definitely use some polishing and maybe even more current day dialogue. Interesting idea and the ending ironically needed more punch but really nice effort in the new age horror genre

Matt T (it) wrote: Racism and religion; an eternal bond.

Aaron B (ru) wrote: I fell asleep in the middle because I was running off of 2 hours of sleep from the night before, so I'll reserve full judgment on this movie until I see the whole thing. But what I saw was pretty good.