In the Soup

In the Soup

An aspiring young filmmaker gets involved with an eccentric gangster for the financing of his first film.

A neurotic nebbish lives in 2 worlds: the fantasy of winning his dream-girl via a hit movie, and the meager existence he scrapes out from very odd jobs, such as thesping in an arty ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


In the Soup torrent reviews

Tony R (kr) wrote: Not bad, not good, just slightly entertaining

Jeremy B (ru) wrote: Often seems rather boring and kind of gross, but there is at least a lesson learned at the end.

Ryan S (nl) wrote: Not bad for a sci-fi origanal made for tv film.

Colm M (nl) wrote: An absolutely fascinating and at times hillarious train crash of a rock doc with great music from BJM which is aped by the Dandy Warhols never to be anywhere near as good. Dues to them for more or less admitting this. Anton may well be a fucked up musical genius.

Brian C (br) wrote: I am not sure how close this was to the novels, as I haven't read them in over 20 years, but taken with a clean slate, this movie wasn't bad.The main character dies and finds himself in Riverworld, where all of the spirits of the dead eventually end up. There is a war going on, and humans are the pawns.We meet some very interesting characters in the battle to discover what Riverworld is, and it is a pretty good journey.I did, however, find the lack of answers to be a problem. At the end, we are left with all of the characters together again (after all dying) about to restart the adventure to get answers on Riverworld. Well in the end, they haven't really progressed.

Private U (mx) wrote: It is always great to see San Fransisco. I want to go baaaack.

Joe L (ag) wrote: This is trash. Horrible acting, cinematography and script. It seems like they had an agenda other than entertainment. Rewriting history and making our military look like juvenile delinquents is not only false, its also a waste of time.

Sheridan P (jp) wrote: A passionate and haunting soundtrack accompanies this haunting film about the passions of war......the petty, forgotten, passions that cause man to fight their neighbours, and put their children in the line of fire

Troy F (nl) wrote: Megaforce had a kick-ass premise and has a good knack for action stunts and explosions effects, but as the movie goes on, it doesn't live up to that premise it built up. There was potential for this sort of idea, and surely with some changes could even be updated for a possible remake, but Megaforce we got here plays it too lightly. It shows off at the beginning, but just bluffs and builds up to a disappointing climax. There's barely even a danger factor, the team makes plans, they all go very smoothly with little obstacles, and things are good and fucking dandy. The problem is that the film's only strong point is on the action bits but you could give fuck all about the story, your average military operation. The film isn't completely dull, it's dull I mean, but there's a bit of fun to be had here and there, and Ace Hunter with his super 80's style makes for an laughably amusing character. The film just begins and zips it's way through fast before you even realized you actually watched a feature length film. Megaforce looked cool in the trailer, but doesn't strike hard enough. It had gas, but burned it out too quickly on short supply.

Keith M (de) wrote: I wasted 20 minutes of my life waiting for this movie to happen. Worthless.

James B (au) wrote: NWA mockumentary/... it was just ok... not great but just ok