In the Spider's Web

In the Spider's Web

When a team of backpackers sets out to explore the Indian jungles, one of them is bitten by a poisonous spider and killed.

In India, the backpacker American friends Gina, John, Stacy, Geraldine and Phil hike in the woods with their guide Brian. When Geraldine is bitten by a poisonous spider, the group decides ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


In the Spider's Web torrent reviews

Theresa G (br) wrote: Not worth the time or the cost of the ticket. See it on cable.

Elgan D (de) wrote: A French thriller which begins intriguingly but then unravels perplexingly. For its ninety odd minute runtime an incredible amount of ideas are squeezed in but as more is included the plot overall makes less and less sense. Some of the acting work is quite good which makes the lack of logic in the plot all the more stark.

Adam D (ag) wrote: An interesting premise

Kai T (au) wrote: In my opinion, this movie reminds me of The Incredibles because they have the same running time

Anurag B (es) wrote: Even having Micheal cane in the title role. harry Brown is a sore bore!

Benjamin S (ru) wrote: A true "Soap Opera" if there ever was one. With all the great cliches thrown in. Jane Wyman gives an outstanding performance as Helen who has the misfortune of having accidents whenever Bob Merrick (Rock Hudson) is around. Rock Hudson gives a perfectly marvelous performance that should have garnered him an Oscar nomination. Fine support from Barbara Rush, Agnes Moorehead and Otto Kruger. There is also a top notch score thrown in to give it that grandiose soap opera feel!

Jacky L (au) wrote: made for a very enjoyable weekend afternoon watch. particularly liked the scene in the brothel where jodie foster, kathy bates and lily tomlin talked about life and love. in fact, this black and white had a really strong ensemble cast. oh, and i liked the ending too.

Simone D (nl) wrote: I gave this 2 stars simply for the love of Kevin Bacon. I really wanted to like this movie with its spooky supernatural theme and mostly strong lead actors, but it was just boring.The child actors coupled with lazy writing unfortunately let this down. Even the good directing (because it was good) couldn't save this. Disappointing :(