In The Valley Of Elah

In The Valley Of Elah

A career officer and his wife work with a police detective to uncover the truth behind their son's disappearance following his return from a tour of duty in Iraq.

A police detective helps a retired Army sergeant search for his son, a soldier who went missing soon after returning from Iraq. Major smuggling? A drug deal gone awry? Credit card slips, some photographs, and video clips from Iraq may hold the key. If Hank gets to the truth, what will it tell him? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arash B (au) wrote: Never liked 12 Angry Men that much it was at least a deent flick this one is just another awful remake & what's with that ridiculous ending

Lanky Man P (it) wrote: It's like a crappy version of Tremors, but even worst. I do like how the two major enemies come together to try and kill this creature.

Jamie C (es) wrote: An ok game to film adaption a little confusing at times but had some good solid action scenes and finally a film based on a game not afraid to have allot of blood and some nice kills in it, abut I think the plot got in the way too much.

Matt R (ru) wrote: Not one of the best Steven Seagal films that I've seen compared to the likes of Under Siege. This is mainly due to there being a distinct lack of any tangible story to keep the viewer interested throughout. Along with some rather diabolical dialogue that just does the film no favours whatsoever. However, the martial arts action is of a good enough quality to just about make up for the lack of a quality storyline. Therefore, if you are a fan of martial arts action based films this is definitely worth a watch.

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Ricardo A (us) wrote: The premise is great, but the length of the movie is missing comedy and suspense. Nothing more than a rainy day movie.

Alejandro K (jp) wrote: Una pelicula que esta muy bien diseada pero carece de efectos especiales.

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mateo V (au) wrote: There are many things we hope to find in space such as aliens, habitable planets, and things beyond wildest dreams. But what happens when we discover something that rather use us as an incubator for their offspring. "Alien" by Ridley scott ,a fantasy thriller that was made in 1979, was written just to give a disturbing and frightening reminder that space holds its fair share of friendly creatures and it's less that friendly creatures earning it a R rating. In my late night viewing of "Alien" it had me anticipating the next scare and had me doubting all creaks coming from my house believing it to be a xenomorph coming to dispatch me in a horrific manner and to simply be put do not watch after 10 pm alone unless of course you love staying up till you see the sun. The movie was amazingly written and shot to complement its ingenious writing. The movie perfectly preys on our fear of the unknown that space has and the question that ,all manners of people, do but do not want an answer. The movie starts out simple and deceiving at first with a ship (out unwitting crew) responding to a distress beacon on a moon base. After investigating the base a crew member is attacked by some sort of creature that attaches it to his face. After removing the creature the crew retreats back to the ship to make a hasty retreat but not long after the retreat one of the crew has been meet with its first death from a creature bursting from his chest and escaping into the ship. They then proceed to attempt to hunt down and kill the creature but quite the opposite happens with their crew being picked off one by one almost like clock work. The ending will not be talked about here because the writing and cinematography needs to be watched. The movie all together was amazing, the practical effects speak for them, and there is not a moment where you can not feel the suspense of the crew. The use of practical effects are quite amazing and adds a haunting feeling from how extremely organic many of the gore scenes look and feel. The highlights of these examples are of when the alien bursts out of the chest, the scene where Ash was (spoiler warning) discovered to be an android, and the alien suit itself. Beginning with the chestburster was nothing but practical effects that used blood packs, sheep organs, and a puppet. This scene was amplified with, not only, the shock value but the fact the actors were not informed of what was going to happen. The next is the cyborg scene where it looks to be real wiring and fluid coming out but it really is nothing more than milk and pasta. The most important character the alien itself is nothing more than a person in a latex suit that has hoses attached to it and a series of other parts used to make a more organic look. The movie all together is quite amazing and well written earning its place as one of the greatest space movies ever. It is worth watching and worth the praises that critics have given it.

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Cameron K (jp) wrote: Sitting in a room of film students, watching this piece of seventies avante-garde, I was simultaneously awe struck by its invention, experimentation, and daring in following its own vision, and bracing myself to be a minority opinion. I was correct...most of the folks in the theater thought it was unfocused and excruciating to get through. It's not a film for everyone (despite featuring a superstar like Mick Jagger, in what ranks with David Bowie's work in Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence as one of the great acting jobs by a musician) but those willing to open themselves up to its formal eccentricities will find a fascinating look at culture clash and the decadence of fame (think Sunset Boulevard with gangsters and drugs instead of Hollywood). Oh, there's a plot, concerning a gangster escaping to Jagger's apartment after blowing away several members of his own gang, but it switches genres constantly and is quite secondary to the editing and audio choices directors Nicolas Roeg and Donald Cammell foist on the audience to convey the sheer insanity of the protagonist's descent into the world of the sixties. If nothing else, watch it for the Memo from Turner sequence, which is one of the greatest scenes ever filmed and seems to have influenced music videos to this very day.

Tyrone H (de) wrote: For those expecting green street or some other of the recent round of hooligan glorification movies, be warned, this movie is not for you. While the setting is old skool football factories this is more about the dangers of being undercover and effect this can have on your sense of self. Suprisingly gritty performance from Reece Dinsdale whom i was only aware of previously through his lighter TV fare such as 'Home to Roost'. Don't expect a happy ending either.