In Their Room: San Francisco

In Their Room: San Francisco

An intimate and erotic film about 8 gay men alone in their San Francisco bedrooms

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:20 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:rocket,   space,   reporter,  

An intimate and erotic film about 8 gay men alone in their San Francisco bedrooms. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


In Their Room: San Francisco torrent reviews

Jenny L (ru) wrote: What an excellent movie

Kashfia F (ru) wrote: Touching & well-acted.

Markus M (nl) wrote: With some heavy rewrites and different casting this could've been somewhat salvaged and maybe could've been moderately entertaining, but as is it's a film built around one of the worst performances I have ever seen by an actress who seemingly tries way too hard to be creepy and villainous but just ends up failing as hard as it's humanly possible to fail at it and not even in an over-the-top laughable way, meaning there's nothing to enjoy about her performance, and when there's no plot to speak of and the film is riddled with scenes that serve no purpose since they don't contribute to a story, they don't amuse, and they don't shock, the end result leaves even someone like myself who isn't even a goth feeling offended by the fact that the subculture has to share its name with a piece of crap movie like this.

Allegra D (ca) wrote: I hope this is as terrible as advertised.

Andrew E (au) wrote: Wake of Death is a very surprising film. It's awful title leads you suspect an awful film would follow and despite a very messy script this movie still manages to be a fast action packed joy. Van Damme is powerful at times in this movie and once again show's his acting chops to the full. Also this movie looks beautiful but does feature some very bizarre editing effects that are largely unnecessary.This movie is hard edged and very entertaining.

Tibor B (mx) wrote: I'm not familiar with the novel this is an adaptation of but it seems pretty faithful to what I'd expect a melodramatic tale of three down-and-out Parisian artists to be, with added Kaurismaki grim humour. I liked moments of it, and the way it both mocks and sympathises with the rather pretentious bohemians of the story. A strong role for my favorite Kaurismaki regular, Matti Pellonpaa, but maybe it was the shift to French language, or the innate pretentious tone that the film as a whole didn't quite work for me.

Ted N (gb) wrote: Just saw this great film again after a gap of many years. Depardieu pere is just so good - the way you can read the fleeting thoughts and feelings from his facial expressions is almost miraculous - and his son, who overtook his father to die prematurely of high living not long ago, is exceedingly lovely and at least believable as the young Marin Marais. Jordi Savall takes the lion share of the credit for his viol playing, and the special compositions he wrote for the piece. The whole film has the air of an animated (though not too animated) interior still life. Achingly beautiful, stately, and not a dull moment (unless you don't like 17th Century French Baroque music, in which case you may suffer the longueurs.)

Ross V (ag) wrote: Casual fans will not like this, but for ardent fans like myself, this is THE BUSINESS! The live stuff is without question gems for those who have not heard it before.

Tony (jp) wrote: I am conflicted on this film. It's somehow a scathing indictment of sexism and yet a shameless embracing of it at the same time. I suppose that may have been the point, Fellini always claimed to obsessed with women, but he also seems to retain a strong amount of admittedly immaturte sexuality so I suppose he may have felt conflicted about feminism himself at the time. Whatever his intention and despite some of it's more disagreeable elements this is still a bizzare and over-the-top amalgamation of surreal visual spectacle and bawdy humor and still comes out as one my favorite fellini films.

Tristan P (ca) wrote: Not bad. But NO SINGING!!! PLEASE NO SINGING!!!!

Kyle B (jp) wrote: David Tennant is a fine Hamlet (although, like most actors who take on the role, a little too old), but Sir Patrick Stewart knocks it out of the park as both Claudius and the Ghost.

Joe C (fr) wrote: You've got to admire Richard Linklater's patience and persistence for authenticity. To simulate a nine year advancement in time, anyone else would slather the leads with aging makeup, crank out a ham-fisted pastiche of a screenplay, and release the sequel in a year, two tops. Linklater literally waited nine years to film Before Sunset, tweaking and perfecting the screenplay and releasing five films in the meantime. And, especially in the context of Before Sunrise, the result is epically fitting. Jesse and Celine meet up again in Paris, briefly, getting another chance to talk about love nine years after the events depicted in the first film. Sure, it doesn't offer much in terms of narrative drive, and it's all talk and not much else, but Sunset us an out-and-out joy to watch, a subtle, atmospheric slice of life, perfectly capturing the naivety, the delight, and the mystery that is part of being in love. How many sequels are made for artistic reasons and add meaning, rather than strip it away?

Rakesh M (ru) wrote: i love julia roberts... every character she plays , i dont know what it is but she makes me fall in love with that character... pretty women, my best friends wedding, runaway bride, step mom and tess from oceans i lovee al of them... she is a magician... no one can do what she does... i also dream hoping to meet someone like the character she plays and it takes days and sometime months to recover from it.... she is amazing. :)