In This Tricky Life

In This Tricky Life

Montevideo, Uruguay. In this comedic drama, Elisa, 27, dreams of opening her own hairdressing salon in one of the rich districts of the Uruguayan capital. A bit of a rebel, one day Elisa moves out of her mother's house with her two children and breaks up with Garcia, her boss and lover who has infuriated her by not wanting to get married. So, in the space of twenty-four hours, Elisa finds herself without a roof over her head, without a man, without a job and without money. Her best friend Loulou finds her a job - in the brothel run by Dona Jacqueline. And without really being aware of it, Elisa slides into prostitution, which leads her to Barcelona. She falls in love, she is exploited, she gets involved in transvestite gang wars, and meanwhile just dreams of earning enough money for her little beauty salon back home.

Montevideo, Uruguay. In this comedic drama, Elisa, 27, dreams of opening her own hairdressing salon in one of the rich districts of the Uruguayan capital. A bit of a rebel, one day Elisa ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kyle W (au) wrote: Uncomfortable that gets under your skin flick of adrenaline, if you like these senses than by all means watch it. The madness of drugs in all its glory.

Randy M (it) wrote: Best thing about this movie was the visuals for sure. Beautiful to look at - every frame is kinda like a painting. There were a whole lot of twists, I had a hard time keeping up. It just confirms that any time some kids stop in a sleepy town, they end up in some crazy trouble. This guy says it perfectly in his review: "To say it mildly, there's gonna be a lot of dead meat in the Tremo scum pond before the night is out."

Kiran E (mx) wrote: Awful film. One film cliche after another. Incredibly predictable. Poor acting. Boring plot. All round rubbish film

William K (br) wrote: All in all not a bad version of King Lear....set in post Alamo Texas of all places. The dialect is also mid 19th century Texan... So if you don' t mind your Lear with a Southwest dialoge, this is well worth a view. Might be a great way to introduce youngsters to the greatness of Shakespeare and Lear.

Simon D (nl) wrote: I'm afraid that, although, in it's own right, this is a good film, this film will be forgotten all too easily simply because there are too many like it. There is very little in the way of original ideas here.

Jonathan H (jp) wrote: Film showing the tragic events leading up to the hanging of Ruth Ellis (last woman to be hung in Britain). A well crafted, interestingly written film with a great fifties ambience. Worth seeing for the star-making performance from Miranda Richardson as the doomed Ruth. It's frightening how good she is in this.

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