InAPPropriate Comedy

InAPPropriate Comedy

A no-nonsense cop has a flair for fashion and a celebrity takes revenge on the paparazzi in a collection of comedic sketches.

In this comedy film, a computer tablet full of the world's most hilariously offensive apps breaks through the borders of political correctness, stirring up cultural anarchy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jeffery T (ag) wrote: A Perfectly time movie. #LOVEISLOVE


Zachary L (kr) wrote: Uninspired, trashy, and an all around cliched horror movie cut so immaturely it looked like a music video edited by a pre pubescent college student.

Alex r (us) wrote: An experiment in over excess and pushing boundaries of good taste, Caligula is one of the worst films to ever be made. The problem with the film is that it has hardcore sex acts that are shown in the film, and it has nothing to do with the plot. They intercourse throughout the film, and it's graphic, and while you're watching this, you're wondering if you're watching a porn film, and in my personal opinion, this is a porno. The filmmakers use hardcore sex and graphic violence in a mainstream film and try to make an entertaining film. Well, this is far from entertainment. Caligula is a curiosity at best in the sense that the film is a train wreck, and you can't look away. The film has nothing going for it, and it's a porn film with a poorly thought out plot. If the explicit sex scenes would have been cut out, and the script would have been rewritten in order to have a well crafted story, then maybe this film would have succeeded in being a truly compelling drama, and frankly it's a shame that the filmmakers opted in making a piece of cinematic trash by including extreme violence and sex acts throughout. Another aspect of the film that really stuns me is the fact that so many talented actors have starred in this awful film. I would say that Caligula is a mainstream porn film due to its content, and it's a film that should never have been made. Caligula is one of the worst films that I have had the misfortune to see. There is nothing good here, no shroud of story, good acting and good direction. Caligula in the end is a film that fails in terms of filmmaking, and it tries to pass off trashy, taboo subject matter as entertainment, which overall makes this a film that should be avoided, and one that lacks any artistic merit. Caligula might have been a good movie if they would drop the whole erotic/pornographic aspect of the film as well as the extreme violence, and focused on telling a good story. It's a great shame because films based in ancient Rome are usually quite entertaining, however Caligula is not one of them, and it's an excruciating film to sit through.

Michael A (br) wrote: With tons of twists and turn this will keep you guessing right up to the end.

Brett C (jp) wrote: Review In A Nutshell:The Man Who Knew Too Much's story is about a family on a vacation in Switzerland, and events unfold that leads to them accidentally being involved with an assassination plot and their daughter put in grave danger. The film's premise was quite interesting and definitely had the potential to be one of Hitchcock's best but once you get in the film, we start to find a lacking of interesting characters, particularly the film's villain, and the events that unfolded didn't create any sense of real tension, making some scenes feel dull and uninviting. Hitchcock couldn't create this sense of weight towards the man that is targeted for assassination; so I ended up just shrugging most of the time when the discussion about the assassination was brought up. There were a couple of moments that did have me excited for a bit and that's the scene that involved chairs being thrown, and the build up towards the assassination during the film's third act; but they don't take up a large amount of time of the film, and they came too rare in order for me to feel content with this film.I had a problem with the way Hitchcock edited this film, as events just seem to transition suddenly, leaving me feeling disoriented of place and time. Along with this, the film's running time only goes for about 75 minutes, so the film's pacing was quite fast. I think if Hitchcock slowed the film down and let the film's writing be a bit more fleshed out then this would have been a much better experience.The film's photography was dismissive. It couldn't create this sense of tension that the film sorely needed, and it lacked any style that is commonly found in the director's great films. The film's score wasn't all that memorable and at times felt a little forced in order to have us feel something during specific scenes, like maybe the composer knew the film needed an over exaggerated score in order to make the film remotely interesting.The film's acting was a hit and miss for me. Peter Lorre as the film's antagonist was quite good in the role, but his acting ability couldn't carry the role enough to make it remotely interesting; the blame for this failure is on the film's writers. Leslie Banks was disappointing in the lead role, as he just seems to say the lines and do what he needs to do in order to move the film forward; there simply was no sense of passion found in his acting.The Man Who Knew Too Much was a disappointment in almost all levels but thankfully, Hitchcock makes up for it with a thrilling and involving experience in his next film, The 39 Steps.

Johnny R (ca) wrote: One of Disney's greatest films, Bambi tells the amazing story of a deer growing up in a forest. It incorporates beautiful animation, very likeable characters especially that of Thumper, and a great plot that is very funny and bright most of the time but does include very dark, tense, and sad scenes.

Karen N (mx) wrote: Interesting view of the upper class, but overall it was kinda dull.

Luke P (fr) wrote: Nicolas Cage and Elisabeth Shue give brilliant performances, but the film is let down by a poor final act.