Inara, the Jungle Girl

Inara, the Jungle Girl

Inara, The Jungle Girl (2012) is about a young girl in the military whose world comes crashing down when her father passes away. Offered a mission to the remote island of N'iah in order to exploit the precious oil and metals found there. Inara discovers that the jungle and the women who inhabit it, have more in common with her than she knows.

'Inara, The Jungle Girl' launches viewers into the life of Inara a young girl in the military whose world comes crashing down when her father passes away after a failed mission to the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niklas S (br) wrote: Epic long and in the end kinda boring. There was some cool things in the beginning but then I started to loose interest.

Ana G (es) wrote: Film trs prenant, surtout si on ne connait pas grande chose sur Ivan le Terrible. Le film respecte l'histoire apparemment, et n'en fait pas trop dans la description de la violence du tsar, mais le malaise est bien ressenti par le spectateur. Un seul point ngatif... la musique ! Sinon c'est voir :)

Ulrika S (ca) wrote: Mycket besviken, hade hgre frvntningar p den. Dock bra skdisar.

Jason W (es) wrote: Ron White's bit isn't the best part of this, i think that i'd honestly say I've enjoyed Bill Engvall's opening bit the best of all from this, but that isn't to say anything about the rest, just that I liked Bill's jokes the most, a good funny stand up dvd, worth a rental for a good two hours of laughs

Jenn T (br) wrote: I didn't hate this flick, got you right into it and really well acted by Kurt Angle.

James S (kr) wrote: I appreciate this movie more everytime I watch it. Long, epic and slow at times, but a simply amazing, original story with incredible acting. Can't name another movie like this one.

Magali P (nl) wrote: Un film fantastique, superbe et envoutant.

Morgan O (gb) wrote: No up to the usual high, enjoyable standards we come to expect from joint Gordon & Combs efforts.Bit too daft and overly unpleasant and mean-spirited at times. Kinda watches like an old exploitation flick but is never as innocent or as much fun.

Myron A (kr) wrote: I remember liking this movie for some reason... I'm afraid to watch it again as a non-kid for fear of it not being a good movie lol

Kato H (fr) wrote: I never saw or heard about the movie, until tonite on TCM. Debra Winger is awesome! Great Acting! Nice Dramd and loads of FUN!

Tyler Z (ca) wrote: A little slow in some parts but one of my favorite baseball movies of all time

Praveen S (de) wrote: The perfect time travel movie made....not an easy thing to accomplish...but Rian Johnson does it and it looks so good....powerful storytelling, stylish good old action and the visuals reminding of "Children of Men" is what makes this futuristic sci-fi , an excellent movie........and the HEART this movie has...makes it a GREAT movie....Do watch will be surprised....

Robert H (mx) wrote: Benedict Cumberbatch, bless his heart, is a great actor and he does a perfectly serviceable portrayal of Julian Assange, but the movie itself commits the cardinal sin of making what could have been a riveting narrative a dull and plodding slog of a film. THE FIFTH ESTATE is about how WikiLeaks got started and covers some of their biggest leaks up to the release of the Afghanistan and Iraq war logs. Most of the focus is on the relationship between Daniel Berg (Daniel Bruhl) and Julian Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) and how they have a falling out. While this might have been a critical part of the WikiLeaks story, the way it played out onscreen didn't exactly make for the most compelling drama. There were also some detours into Berg's personal life as well a limited international look at the effect these leaks had in various countries, to include the US. Still, I had hopes that this movie would be this generation's equivalent of something like THE PRESIDENT'S MEN, but it simply isn't. While the performances are all capable, and the ensemble cast that Bill Condon rounded up is fairly impressive, the narrative lacks the proper focus and doesn't adequately portray the gravity of what is being presented. Other issues include pacing and attempts at being current and tech-savvy that just come off as distracting. The material is presented almost in documentary-like fashion, down to the handheld camerawork, but nothing in the central story is given much context, outside of American embarrassment at having their secret diplomatic cables released. There was also little insight given into Assange's character that could have made him more relatable. Instead, we get a portrait of a rather sad and lame individual. As far as the technical qualities are concerned, there really isn't anything to complain about but there really isn't anything that makes it stand out either. The music, which included lots of electronica, was alright but it wasn't anything I particularly loved. Overall, this was a rather disappointing watch due to the pedestrian approach it took. Your time would be better spent watching WE STEAL SECRETS: THE STORY OF WIKILEAKS, a documentary on the material that is dramatically presented here.