Documentary about the bad treatment of migrants in Italy.

Those who seek political asylum in Italy fear for their very survival. They are forced to wait for several years, are forbidden to work and receive no assistance from the State. They are ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew L (ru) wrote: Beguiling, if lightweight, Italian comedy about a middle aged man, living at home with his elderly mother, who as a favor to friends, ends up taking care of three more elderly women for an evening, each with their own unique quirks and personalities. A fresh, breezy, and cheerful confection, with enough charm for a film twice its length.

Tim B (es) wrote: Art-house Indian films seem to go completely one way or the other - this looks promising, but descends into 2 hours of anti-Pakistan propaganda littered with cringeworthy Indian jokes. If you really want to deal with such serious subject matter, the director shouldn't be so confused. The American chick might as well have been a blow-up doll that talks; this film wins one extra star for the stunning locations and the (few) moments of brilliance.

Alison W (de) wrote: Patrick Chesnais is wonderful in this film.

Noah G (br) wrote: A title this good is hard to live up to ... but this really was a fascinating, and kind of sad, look at the world of professional bowling.

hitesh p (nl) wrote: Comedy about four brothers who embark on a most unusual road trip. The first half of the movie is really funny... NOTE: You'll remember lots of quotes from this movie

Alex A (us) wrote: Arguably one of the best zombie movies ever made, "Dead Alive" is a hilariously wacky and gory experience.

Dennis F (mx) wrote: A kid who rats on another kid is a dead kid.

Jamie B (fr) wrote: It's was a great movie it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time almost falling off a few. Not to mention he wasn't so bad to look at with his shirt off and six pack abs throughout the entire movie. Michael Douglas surely does play the part of a sick man.

Mason N (de) wrote: Awesome pair of movies and today the rainy day i just laid back and watched them both

Dylan W (mx) wrote: Fred Williamson and Larry Cohen. End of story.