An adulterous woman's life is torn apart when her husband and infant son are killed in a suicide bombing at a soccer match.

An adulterous woman's life is torn apart when her husband and infant son are killed in a suicide bombing at a soccer match. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brandon W (es) wrote: Well, even though The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is the last Twilight film of the series, I'm not done with the series as I got to watch the first 3, which I don't really want to, but I feel like I have to though. So I watched the film, and it's probably the most entertaining Twilight film that I've seen which is a surprise, even though it didn't made me a fan of the series. The acting is a little better, although Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson felt a bit stilted still. Newcomer Mackenzie Foy is not that bad, and Lee Pace acts that suave voice so well, which he gets me some laughs. Melissa Rosenberg finally writes some jokes in which she finally realize that now it's not meant to be taking seriously, and making this film serious would've been a failure from the start, even though there were some silly that weren't quite delivered well. The effects look a bit better actually, although the baby effect looked disturbingly terrible looking that you can definitely tell by the first second that you see of the baby, which makes me think that the fake baby in American Sniper is better than this. Michael Sheen, man God bless him for being in this film as he's the best part in this film and completely acts so delightfully over the top that he'll be doing some strange faces, or say it like that that gives me a big laugh which I'm glad that he knows that he's in a terrible series, so why not have fun with it? I'm glad that they addressed that the imprinting thing is completely disgusting and would completely botched up the relationship that they used to have. It's not as slow as the first Breaking Dawn, and the battle scene at the end was very entertaining with some cool scores by Carter Burwell. There's a lot more head decapitations then I thought from a PG-13 film, and I'm glad that they went with it, that is until the twist came in and completely ruined the whole scene. With that fight scene and the way it ended, it should've been the conclusion to the whole series and I would've actually liked it, but with that twist, it seemed meaningless and made me went back to not liking it. The ending sequence is fine, but with that fight scene being so epic to watch, that this scene didn't help me forgive it. So while The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 is an improvement from the first one, it had so many problems and some enjoyments that I was close to liking the film, but didn't succeed. Thank goodness that Kristen Stewart is in better movie projects, Robert Pattinson too, Mackenzie Foy was in a Christopher Nolan film, Bill Condon is directing better films, and Melissa Rosenburg is the creator of Marvel's Jessica Jones.

Nn S (fr) wrote: Solid first half that was undone by the mess that was the second half. A great concept destroyed by poor execution.

Parag M (ag) wrote: 3 Hours melodrama with no goal post

Clay C (de) wrote: Loved the parts with Jackson Rathbone

Semmi A (jp) wrote: Battle Royale 2...TERRIBLE MOVIE! That is all

Dean L (nl) wrote: As happens so often with ensemble cast films it seems they try to supplement the lack of plot with the number of big names they can fit into the credits. At times this film can be fun to watch, but it tries so hard to deliver a message regarding the world being phony and pretentious and obsessed with physical beauty that it becomes what it is trying to parody. It is also too obvious (to go as far as putting the word "facade" on a poster during a particularly 'poignant' scene). This movie misses the mark in so many ways. I adore so many of the actors in this movie (though this was really the worst performance I have ever seen Matthew Modine give...unless that was another point the film was trying to smash you over the head with) and some of the moments were very funny and really did hit home, but that only accounted for about 20% of the film. The rest of it was clich and trite. It is watchable and there are some real gem scenes and messages, but it could have been done so much better. It was trying to be an art house film and so it arrived as a Hollywood flop. Rent it for a lark or to see some of your long lost movie pals, but don't put to much money down on it coming in first in your movie ranks.

Gobinath M (us) wrote: No words Wonderful movie

Paul D (ru) wrote: An overly complex plot workthrough of something that doesn't need to be. The idea is good but the race against time is tiresome.

Emma S (kr) wrote: It's a beautiful, messy and a little dull: like watching a sunset from start to finish. That said, after I watched it the first time I found it sparked off a thought process in my head. It started me reading and watching quite a lot 'spiritual' stuff (really not my usual thing) that was all in some way connected to this film. So... I ended up watching the film again three weeks later. It's still not a riveting story particularly, but there is something deeper there which makes it worth watching.I think it helps going into it to know it's more a myth than a movie.