A mother's last wishes send twins Jeanne and Simon on a journey to Middle East in search of their tangled roots. Adapted from Wajdi Mouawad's acclaimed play, Incendies tells the powerful and moving tale of two young adults' voyage to the core of deep-rooted hatred, never-ending wars and enduring love.

The powerful and moving tale of twins' voyage to the core of deep-rooted hatred, never-ending wars and enduring love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mirkku S (jp) wrote: Eddie Redmayne is now my new favorite actor, thanks to this film. The movie was not as good as I hoped, but I still love it and can't wait to see the sequels!

Tony H (br) wrote: I have watched this film several times on DVD - I enjoyed it.

Zoya K (ca) wrote: too good .srk acted realy well .he is always a superstar n will be he is da best

Craig L (ag) wrote: I kept waiting for this to get where it seemed to want to go. It never happened. Lots of starts with potential ending in a limp attempt to "mean something". I did like the conversation in the bed between Laughlin and Potts--not great acting but that scene was the only thing that gave this two stars.

Stuart K (br) wrote: Ken Russell hit the big time with this adaptation of D. H. Lawrence's classic novel. It's beautiful to look at, and despite the controversy it made back then, it's quite tame now, and Ken Russell has made much more controversial films since. It does drag on a bit, despite a great cast giving top quality performances. Set in 1920, somewhere in the Midlands, it has two sisters Gudrun Brangwen (Glenda Jackson) and Ursula Brangwen (Jennie Linden), who both begin love affairs. Gudrun with Gerald Crich (Oliver Reed) and Ursula with Rupert Berkin (Alan Bates). However, the course of true love does not run smoothly with both parties. While Ursula and Rupert have a straight forward love affair, Gerald can't give himself to love Gudrun, he seems withdrawn and secluded, especially when his father dies and he's left a local coal mine. Though it doesn't help that Gudrun is much more of a free spirit than her sister, she's challenging and quite demanding, which takes it's toll on Gerald, especially when both pairs of lovers head to Switzerland for a honeymoon. It's not as good as what Ken would later make, but it does have it's moments, especially the controversial nude wresting scene between Bates and Reed, which isn't as graphic as they say. It won Jackson a Best Actress Oscar, which she rightfully deserved.

Zack B (ag) wrote: The cinematography is beautiful, but overall the theatrical way in which it is done seems to underwhelm the potential of emotional impact that the dialogue possesses.

Emily B (de) wrote: Oh Ingmar, you never fail to impress me! The plot concerning the lives of a circus troupe is simple and nothing new but Bergman makes it his own. Filled with gorgeous images, such as the great use of mirrors and that amazing flashback sequence with the clown. The performances are also strong especially ke Grnberg as Albert the ringmaster, and Andersson, who as always, is brilliant.

Isadore H (ca) wrote: The acting is okay, but this movie is really defined by how many zombies get mutilated. Zach Snyder shows us again that he can make excellent action movies, and this time around the plot is on par with his visuals, which is nice to see