A physician who helps his clients bring new life into the world is accused of an ethical breach that's also criminal in this independent drama. Dr. Freeman (Colm Feore) is a doctor who runs an upscale fertility clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada. Freeman specializes in helping women who have had trouble getting pregnant conceive, usually through artificial insemination techniques or transplanting donated eggs into his patients. Over the course of several weeks, Freeman inseminates nine women from different walks of life, eight become pregnant and give birth to healthy children, but when the new mothers compare notes, they discover their children bear a striking resemblance to one another...

A satirical drama about the test-tube baby industry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Inconceivable torrent reviews

Kashif K (kr) wrote: best movie till date by kashyap performance of manoj is all over the movie, good work of riccha chadha

Mad M (de) wrote: Probably worth a watch. Most of it is good and creative, minus 20-30 minutes of taking a bad turn.

Moya W (kr) wrote: Return to Halloweentown is quite an interesting and different movie. Perhaps a little too short but other than that it was a cute and entertaining film, but I won't give it more than that. The thing is, this is one of those movies that you think you like whilst watching it, but when it's gone a few minutes since you actually watched it you'll have forgotten what you actually thought in the first place!

Michael H (it) wrote: Don't Waste Your Time! Decent premise, poor execution. Camera work is jerky, as if it is a documentary. The multiple camera angles used would indicate a multi person camera crew, yet you never see another camera person and cameramen are never acknowledged by the characters. Plus that a camera crew would continue to film in the manner shown in a situation like this is ludicrous. WAY beyond willful suspension of disbelief.

Chandira H (ag) wrote: Loved this!! Really well done. It's a pity the second part is out in 2009, I want to see it today!! FREE TIBET! NOW...

Larkin R (gb) wrote: a freakin terrific movie. Its very inspiring especially for kids who want to make a career out of the arts of film. Very inspiring and moving.

RC K (mx) wrote: Wow, was this ever not what I thought. From the cover, which shows two characters looking out of a car, almost a bit stressed in my opinion, I was expecting, I don't know, a foreign film about something urban. Of course, one of the make-or-break inclusions was Glenn Fitzgerald, who was a cancer patient when I last saw him. Actually, he was a cancer patient BOTH times I saw him, but nevermind that. That at least told me, though, that this was not in a language other than English--at least, more than likely.Instead, it turned out to be a slow-moving drama set on a farm. Ok, slight change from expectation, but as I've said, I'm ok with that, and like being surprised. It did take a bit to get used to, though it did open immediately on Anson Mount (the titular Tully, in this case a "Jr.") having a fight around a dirt mound on said farm with Glenn Fitzgerald (as his brother Earl). They were laughing and throwing handfuls of dirt back and forth as their father (Tully Coates Sr, of course, played by Bob Burrus) looked on with some level of disapproval. As these things are wont to do, one of Tully's handfuls goes awry and hits Earl in the eye. As always happens, Early immediately forgets the light-hearted nature of the fight and begins yelling profanities at his brother. At this point, Tully Sr. decides to step in and admonish the two of them for screwing around.Soon we see Earl in a theatre enjoying a movie with one eye covered in gauze, and Tully comes in to pester him to go out looking for women with him. Now, I'm set dead against Tully at this point, for being a jerk to his brother and for committing the cardinal sin of talking in a movie theatre, loudly, obnoxiously and with no regard for those asking him to shut the hell up. Oops, it's going to be an uphill battle for my sympathies now.We see Tully at work now in a bar, sitting with a few friends when he's informed that April Reece, local "hottie" is staring at him. He eventually works his way over there and has a conversation with her. The next day, the two of them go out for the hour she has before work and have sex in the back of his car. She leaves him to walk home from there--not because she's hurt, but because she doesn't really care.As seems to be inevitable in most films set on a farm, yes, a nervous and unhappy man appears with a letter which Tully and Earl's father reads privately, and yes, there's that word--foreclosure. It's not addressed as melodrama, thankfully, since the concept itself is enough of a clich. But it works just fine anyway. They are, as you might have gathered, a family of three alone, as their mother (Tully Sr's wife, naturally) died fifteen years earlier.The only other primary character to really worry about is Ella, a neighbor and friend to Earl, who is not happy with Tully's irritatingly hedonistic womanizing and self-centered outlook--berating his father for letting him look "stupid" when he discovered the bank had frozen their assets after finding out about the foreclosure, instead of worrying in any way about the foreclosure itself. Ella ignores Tully for much of the movie, because she's a smart girl and is not going to fall for his usual charms and appearance, but we can see glimmers of something in her for him as a human being (wherever THAT is).Honestly, though, we do start to see the cracks in the faade that Tully maintains to have sex with a half dozen women around town--he feels alone and abandoned by his mother for her death, and is not willing to care much about anyone or anything else except himself to avoid that same feeling coming back to him.For a cast of folks I knew absolutely nothing about, barring Glenn Fitzgerald (Earl, for the record, is a more compassionate if angsty son to Tully Sr.) and John Diehl, who plays a small role as a man who had an affair with the late Irene Coates, I was pretty impressed with the performances. A late night conversation between the two Tullys was especially of note. When they've both said everything they're willing to say--even if not everything they're thinking of saying--there's a pause, as Tully Jr. stares off, arms folded and leaned against a table, in that awkward way that fights end, before he finally walks out. It's very natural.Apparently I was not as impressed as most people considering the ratings floating around the various sites I frequent and use to remind myself of actor names (or their previous experiences), but such is life. It was a pleasant enough movie, very well put together, but nothing terribly special in my opinion.

Lo V (mx) wrote: This is literally one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my entire life. I literally got an account on this site so I could give it a review since it had received such positive reviews.This entire thing is so stupid, with so many plot holes and so many completely ridiculous things that happen. It is over the top and insane but still takes itself seriously. I think this is Nic Cage's worst movie. He's playing a crazy person or a tortured person and still somehow he comes across as completely insane but not in a good way. I literally cannot say enough bad about this movie. The only reason I enjoyed this movie at all is because I enjoy bad movies, but this was too bad even for me.

Scott C (au) wrote: Sheriff was better. Plays Garner as a less-likable con man. Story rambles a little. Still--fun to watch.

Steve G (it) wrote: I don't remember being crazy about it... but it is Brando.

Byron B (es) wrote: nominated for best foreign film by NBR

James H (ag) wrote: Delightful musical with a great cast. Alive Faye is terrific as always, and John Payne as handsome as ever. Great score, colorful production with good costumes, cinematography and art direction.

Caitlin L (au) wrote: Love James Marsden in this movie. They work really well together. Great casting.

Zachary M (de) wrote: Movies don't need over complicated plots or philosophical debates on the evil's of man to be amazing. That's because at it's core film is a visual medium. A way to express art, ideas, and opinions in a way that you can share with others. Truly, that's what this movie is, an art piece. You are hear to watch sights and visuals animated to some of the most powerful scores in history. And that's all a person needs. If you don't have the luxury of living near an art museum or a grand old opera, then feel free to sit back and relax, you can now say you've seen both without ever having to have left your home.

Ian C (it) wrote: Probably the only time I ever wanted to see BA Baracus get the shit kicked out of himself. Love the training montage and the introduction of 'Survivor's Eye of the Tiger' brings the soundtrack to a whole new level. Some emotional scenes too.