Pedro, an inexperienced conman, decides to rob a bank. When he tries to escape, the branch is surrounded by police. His hostage turns out to be Pablo, the husband of the daughter of the bank's owner. After Pedro and Pablo leave the crime scene, Pedro demands ransom. But the money never arrives, since Pablo's father-in-law decides not to pay and, to make matters worse, instead sends an assassin to kill off Pedro.

Pedro, an inexperienced conman, decides to rob a bank. When he tries to escape, the branch is surrounded by police. His hostage turns out to be Pablo, the husband of the daughter of the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Incorregibles torrent reviews

Dan L (ag) wrote: Typical Japanese movie... blood, violence, sex, rape, no cast, weird storyline, and funny filming and editing. Once again, if you want AV movie with some kind of story behind it instead of just keep f*cking in the whole movie, this is the one for you.

Claire B (mx) wrote: This movie was terrifyingly powerful and enigmatic. It was sort of like watching people's lives be utterly ruined and wasted by drugs, fame and rock n' roll within two hours and liking it. But not really. I mean, it was terribly disturbing and fascinating. The foundation of the films success was the performance of the twins...they were so believable it was sort of disgusting. While the ending is not a happy one, the story told here is one quite unlike anything I've ever heard ...and well told at that.

Kwende M (es) wrote: The virgin strikes back!!!!

whats up (jp) wrote: my grandfather and his brother were friends of the Rock. naturally, this movie gets 5 stars.

Blake P (mx) wrote: "Mogambo" is a superb film that I really loved! This movie is actually a remake of 1932's "Red Dust" which also starred Gable, with Jean Harlow and Mary Astor. Considering I had the chance to see both, I liked this one a lot better. This was essentially one of the first HUGE movies to be filmed in Africa, and have to do with the African savannah. The special effects are actually pretty good, and in the long run look impressive and fresh. All of this would not have been this good without the amazing director John Ford. Yes, the guy who made "The Grapes of Wrath" and "How Green Was My Valley". Usually, he appears in the list of the top 10 best directors, so I was eager to see one of his movies-- this is a first for me. Now I feel like I know why he's rated so highly, because this movie looks excellent. Every aspect, the camera work, the Technicolor, and the effects all look great, and it's obvious to me he had a major part in it. I guess when you have as much experience as him, you know what you're doing! As for the actors, they're the same as Ford, this movie would not be the same without them. Gable's over fifty here, but still plays the male lead great, and portrays his character wonderfully. It might not be Oscar-worthy, but I definitely think this could be one of his more memorable performances, considering he played it twice. Kelly and Gardner do even better though, Kelly giving one of her best performances, while it might even be Gardner's best. They were both the talk among movie goers, and I'm sure everyone loved them in this. Kelly's character is vulnerable and dumb and is the perfect other woman for Gable, and Gardner is fun and loud as the girl Gable wants. Both are great leads, and are absolutely perfect in their roles. Rent for them. "Mogambo" is certainly a movie nobody reviewing this can agree on, but from my point of view, this is good stuff!

Kenny C (ru) wrote: Moral of the story: a woman will kill men for money. Every time.