Independent Media in a Time of War

Independent Media in a Time of War


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:29 minutes
  • Release:2003
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Independent Media in a Time of War 2003 full movies, Independent Media in a Time of War torrents movie

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Independent Media in a Time of War torrent reviews

Camellia S (fr) wrote: Loved. it. Kept to the book which I liked

Katie O (br) wrote: Way too long. There is no reason why this movie has to take 30 minutes to get to it and then another 60 before anything happens. Seriously, this could have been a 90 minute movie with a much quicker storyline.

Dan S (us) wrote: Always going to have a bias perspective on this generation of players as I grew up watching them, but the documentary still delivers with good pacing, a strong variation of contributing interviews and a belting soundtrack.

Farah R (gb) wrote: There's definitely something entertaining in this simple comedy drama. But boring is a more prominent description for it.

Olivier L (it) wrote: La v (C)rit (C), on pouvait craindre le pire avec ce troisime volet, pourtant pas mal au final. Jos (C) Garcia (C)gal lui-mme. Aure Atika (C)galement, pour d'autres raisons... ;o)

Galvy F (ag) wrote: holding back on disappointment when you have much to look forward to. Respinsibility to treat people with their illnesses when you have your own that hasn't been treated. When some doors open for us, others close. When we don't know what is the matter, or the solution to what ales us, we don't always find the answer in pills, and completely understand we hate what we do, not ethical stand point, but there not being no thrill. When somethings don't change, when we are similar to our father, when we need a regular checkup when things go wrong. When dealing with plenty of people whom are sick, we are immune, but some symptoms we are not when we already had a dose of it, and addicted. When we are not supposed to get high on our own supply, than we do. When a pill makes a care free, alive and what we needed all along. When we need to escape it all, and that is part of the solution and problem. When always being well known and seen to people that don't matter, to being seen by those who do matter and others whom matter but don't see, it leads us to a different gateway. A place to hide, fool around and get in trouble without being caught. When breaking the rules, means we are dead all over again. When we have to account for everything we use and do. When what we don't see, we are careless about. And what we see we don't have we care alot more not getting caught. When what ales us, we share in common with others that we both share a common hatred over the things, people that make life living extra more painful and miserable and not worth living. When all we need is an escape from conformity, rules and the law that we need to show we prefer breaking them is extra more enjoyable. When it's our own establishment then it's alright by the books. When we share something else in common with others that solves our problems, even when we are cheating the process, but we could care less when we are enjoying life to the fullest, that we are living the dream and fantasy with. When we are straying away from our self to deeper troubles and greater problems that we come face to face with whom we ending someone else's life. When life is just a big misunderstanding and mistake that we share in something in common with someone else that solves our problem from happening. When we have greater responsibilities to not think our answer from from a pill, our urges, our victories and overcoming obstacles that it stares us in the face in whom relies on us to do our job, be a man, be a father, be honest. When we realuze that its not too late to change evrtything around, and not let anyone down, we ultimately wish all our problems would instantly go away. Whether its too late or impissible, we see everything coming to an end, until a stroke of luck finds our way that changes everything. When we have a greater responsibility that we are part of a community and worldly order that makes the world go round. When other people's problems don't have such luck, that their problem can't go away. When not all problems are fixable, and need an escape. When we are friends and continuing friends even when it ends, to know that change is for good sometimes and the solution to our problems. When doing our job, we can lead others to a gateway to something much more. When doing our job, it's a place where everyone knows where to turn to and know you are there, when they need help for what ales them.

Professor W (es) wrote: A documentary about the history of grindhouse/exploitation cinema. It does a very good job introducing Grindhouse to people who may not know much. It misses a few things and has a little room for improvement but overall it does a great job. Great for people interested in the genre and in movie history.

Brendan M (us) wrote: Not very well written, but its shooting style, editing, and fight scenes are pretty damn cool.

Gina D (mx) wrote: I really had a great time! Aww, poor Keith! but he deserves it, huh?

Arash X (fr) wrote: Svankmajer is more interested in detailing than developing & the film feels like a stretched short movie but overall interesting & fun, I've yet to see Faust & Lunacy but Little Otik is my favourite Svankmajer so far

Nyk P (gb) wrote: Ringwald & Stiller!!! mmmmmm interesting!

Naughtia N (fr) wrote: A tragic story from WWII where a group German Jews were allowed to sail to Cuba away from all the worries of the Nazi regime in Germany. To their horror the passengers are not allowed to get off the ship once they arrive in Cuban territory, so they are set to return to Europe where death awaits them. This movie is very memorable, I remember watching it many years ago and I still remember the story very clearly. The fact that the movie is based on an actual event is frightening, because it is difficult to imagine that this kind of cruelty against human beings still exists in our world. I believe that this movie must've been a huge hit back in the 70's, it is definetily a classic movie worth watching.

Max N (au) wrote: Un tema bastante acertado para la realidad del Japon de la posguerra. A primeras puede parecer algo descabellado y exagerado el pavor por la amenaza nuclear, pero poniendose en el contexto, todo funciona. Pese a eso, Kurosawa parece rodar con desgano, sin su tradicional brio tras la camara y la historia se vuelve algo repetitiva, pero nunca aburrida. Mas que nada es un vehiculo para el talento de Toshiro Mifune, que compone un personaje inolvidable. Buena.

Joshua T (fr) wrote: I had a bad feeling watching the opening scene (when the title appeared, and Strauss is laughing maniacally), but Dean Stockwel's simultaneously chilling and vulnerable portrayal of the young murderer is the treat of this film... other than every scene with Orson Welles, whose deceptively languid presence is magnetic (incl the only slightly overdone closing speech).

Andrea P (ru) wrote: Watchable but forgettable. I liked the idea of the self-help hero guiding people through their grief when he hasn't confronted his own. It had the basis for a good movie, but the poor casting, acting and muddled storyline (including the obligatory romcom ending) took away any substance the movie could have had.

Brian P (ag) wrote: good but plot a little dry

Denise Eliabeth H (gb) wrote: I saw it, want to see it again, we had a hail storm last week, this is a must see deh;)

Bruno D (jp) wrote: Under World Awakening is the follow up film to Under World World Evolution and is the worst of the franchises 5 films. Kate Beckinsale is good in the role as usual and altho they basically gutted her character with some of the most atrocious writing. The other cast members are a hit or miss. I also "appreciate" (not really) the film having Micheal Corvin sit this one out seeing as he's one of the most boring protagonists in the franchise altho this is basically the last you ever see of him in this franchise so it's big middle finger to long time fans. The story itself I found to be the least bit interesting and felt like some generic video game story line as well as a generic plot that plenty of other god awful movies have told as well as it shits all over the mythos that the previous films set up basically discarding them into the dump because the film writers here aren't very good at their jobs. This movie is also notable for wasting really great actors by having them do nothing. This film seems to have taken a major hit when it comes to special effects because the CGI for the Lycans is the worst it's ever been. Also I don't know what the hell that sorry excuse of a "Werewolf" that was towards the middle to the end but that huge muscular seal looking beast is a complete ugly abomination. Just a terrible werewolf design with horrendous CGI. This is about as far away from a werewolf this series has reached basically making them shape shifters more so then they used to be. This is basically more of the same but worse so if you like this franchise you'll probably hate this movie because it shits all over the previous films but if you hate them or expect decent film making then you won't find much enjoyment from this film or at all. Overall .5/5

Pavan R (kr) wrote: This scenario made for an interesting watch. Good pace to the movie and well directed and edited.