Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee

Indian Rupee is a satirical dig on today's youth who attempt to make quick money without sweating it out. JP aka Jayaprakash (Prithviraj) is a small time real estate dealer based in Kozhikode, who dreams of making it big some day. JP is a high school drop-out and in love with his cousin Beena (Rima Kallingal) who is a doctor, though her parents are not too keen about the alliance. JP along with his friend CH (Tini Tom) is scouting for a land deal. He believes that his fortunes are up for a change, when Achutha Menon (Thilakan), an old city dweller approaches him to sell off his land assets. The deal never happens, but Achutha Menon stays back with them and becomes a part of their life. Things start happening in a fantastic way for JP, soon after. JP manages to earn a decent fortune after some smart moves, but he learns some valuable lessons in the process, about the importance of earning money honestly in life.

The story is about the real estate business happening in Kerala focusing on the city of Calicut. Surendran (Prithviraj) is the central character of the movie, who happens to be a jobless ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua D (ag) wrote: This film isn't great but the heart-felt moments between Knightley and Carell are grand enough to make you care til the last second.

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Gina G (es) wrote: Started off ok but kept going down hill from there.

Tatiana M (ag) wrote: I missed the beginning though I liked what I saw. Wyclef was awesome as fortune teller. But that rap at the end was sooooooo unnecessary.

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Bloodmarsh K (jp) wrote: A lot like ''28 Days Later.'' Oh wait, it's nothing like ''28 Days Later.''

Allan C (br) wrote: I was curious to see this after reading Leonard Maltin's BOMB review who deemed the movie only to have been made to offend audiences. Brad Dourif is a smalltime hood in New Mexico who steals a car and later finds out there was a baby in the car, which he then sells to local crime boss Paul L. Smith (who wants to feed the baby to the pigs) and his girlfriend, David Carradine in drag as Pearl. The film then follows Sonny Boy's abusive upbringing over the years, including cutting out his tongue, which lead to him becoming something of a feral murderous criminal. It's really unclear if the filmmakers were going for black comedy, some kind of surreal horror or merely making as a disturbing, unpleasant slice of life. I really didn't enjoy the film except for (SPOILER!) a climactic shootout between the bizarro family and an angry mob of townsfolk, which reminded me a lot of "The Devil's Rejects." Carradine good in these final moments and elevated the movie to something better than the rest of it's general low quality. Oh, and Sonny Boy does get a new tongue at the end of the film.