Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom

After arriving in India, Indiana Jones is asked by a desperate village to find a mystical stone. He agrees – and stumbles upon a secret cult plotting a terrible plan in the catacombs of an ancient palace.

After arriving in North India, Indiana Jones, Indiana Jones gets down to the problem at hand: retrieving a precious gem and several kidnapped young boys on behalf of a remote East Indian village from a Thuggee cult practicing child slavery, black magic, and ritual human sacrifice in honor of the goddess Kali. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mallory A (it) wrote: A bloated, inauthentic road/coming-of-age movie that isn't as poetic nor fresh as it thinks it is.

William A (br) wrote: only makes sense if you know this was funded in part by the CIA in the 50s to scare people away from communism.....

Mo M (de) wrote: A new classic that deserves more recognition, Pleasantville is a movie that truly shows what can be done with the art of film

Darin P (us) wrote: This movie is awesome

kyo 9 (br) wrote: hmm..I guess the story line is a bit boring and slow..still, why do they chose Keanu Reeves to play Buddha..and he act poorly in this movie..

Eric H (nl) wrote: great title. But fell asleep watching the movie 4 times.

Viktor N (fr) wrote: Many illthought things (like why they need helmets inside their ships but how lucky the uninhabited planet they happen to crasch on have oxygen), bad or lack of back story and a draging story makes this a long movie. The effects and background was good, nothing to complain about there.

Rebekah L (ru) wrote: This movie really brings me back (yes I used to break dance) there are many fond memories of youth.

Domenico L (it) wrote: Godard serves up a smart, witty and stylistically bold and cutting film about the fall out from student protests and a general strike that took place in France in May 1968.Using Jane Fonda and Yves Montand as bait, Godard attacks cruel and corrupt bosses, the film industry, the media, while also delving into sexual politics in an odd and illuminating way.Always surprising, outrageous and on point. See it with a Philistine you love.

Blake P (au) wrote: Lemmy Caution (Constantine) is a secret agent from the "Outer Countries" sent to the dark Alphaville to solve a series of dilemmas that his government wants to know. Posing as a journalist named Ivan Johnson, Caution begins to get deeper into the center of Alphaville's secrets, and along the way meets Natacha (Karina), who desperately wants to break out of the isolated galaxy. "Alphaville" was made when French New-Wave pioneer Jean-Luc Godard was at its peak, and it definitely ends up being one of his best, and most thought-provoking films. Alphaville is basically a futuristic galaxy controlled by computer Alpha 60, who bans any emotion or individuality from any human, causing the entire country to be mindless drones. The older the film gets, I think it will become more relevant. The computer age has really taken over just in the past five years, and because the film revolves around an evil computer leader almost makes it a scary prediction, and with all of the control going on now, "Alphaville" will just get better and better. As a sci-fi noir, "Alphaville" oddly enough doesn't use any special effects, but it somehow succeeds, and when you get super dark and claustrophobic cinematography, the movie becomes a nighmare. Godard still uses his usual effects like having an odd score, jump cuts, and random signs, but in a sense this doesn't feel like a Godard film-- and that's one of the reasons I like it so much. "Alphaville" is an ultra spooky, but very relevant sci-fi thriller that should be in the ranks of "Brazil" or "Metropolis". Highly recommended.

Annette A (it) wrote: I viewed this all wrong. Watched the movie first -- thought it was ok. Saw that everyone who watched it raved about how much it was like a few of the sitcom's 30 minute shows sewn together -- so I decided to watch some of the shows to see for myself. OHMYGOD - the TV series is awesome. Why don't they bring it to US? Now I'm a total Corner Gas fan and want badly to meet up with my Canadian friends to show off what I know about the Dog River sitcom.

Charlie G (ag) wrote: Very good. Funny and a lot of action. I would watch this one again.And again

Millo T (br) wrote: Close to 2.5. Better for the comic side that from the action, as expected, but not funny enough.