Indiana Jones: Making the Trilogy

Indiana Jones: Making the Trilogy

The Making of the Trilogy

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Indiana Jones: Making the Trilogy torrent reviews

Mark S (au) wrote: Poor acting, vacuous script and full of holes.

Peter H (nl) wrote: It was kind of odd seeing my home town shown in such a cinematic way, but the story was strong enough to pull me out of that initial feeling and focus on the drama. Solid characters and good enough script to keep non-surfers interested.

Jason L (kr) wrote: I laughed; I admit it. But is it a good film? No.

Kyle M (jp) wrote: Such good cast and their performances were riveted by good spirits that came to this very well-made independent film, written by the author of its source material that was stretched to a better feature-length story. (B+)(Full review coming soon)

Jeff G (jp) wrote: Worth it just for the food.

Franck D (it) wrote: L'un des films que j'ai prefere sur le VIH. Il aborde les aspects politiques et communautaires de la maladie avec un ton ultra decale.

Leonard D (ru) wrote: Loved dinosaurs when I was a child, and this movie was no exception! Looking at it now, it's just too corny!

Chris S (ru) wrote: 4 stars. you will always laugh again when you watch again

Scream Q (au) wrote: A cute romantic comedy! One of the best!

Bill B (au) wrote: Two Americans inexplicably meet in the wilds of Australia, then run afoul of a serial killer who's working the lonely back roads in search of victims.Keach and Curtis are very charming in their roles, especially Keach as the quiet trucker who spends his days narrating his life and talking to his only companion, a German Sheperd.Good flick, it also features a bizarro 'chase' sequence in which the 18 wheeler Keach is driving virtually destroys a small town as he follows the killer into areas where the quarters become increasingly tight.Well worth a look, give it a rental.

Stella D (nl) wrote: good film. see mifune defeat 50 swordsman using only a stick! it just me or is he still playing the fool from seven samurai? pt 1 of a that's 3 i'm in the midst of lol. this one covers takezo's origin and the beginning of his training as a samurai

Amir K (us) wrote: really really really really my storu of life!I have a great sympathy with umberto it is all that i;ve experienced in this planet else being father. I love you umberto and if I have money I would buy your watch

Mark H (de) wrote: I was swept away by this French epic. Everything about it was remarkable from the sets to the performances. With a three hour running time this is a film to savour.

Michael H (ca) wrote: Probably Chevy Chase's finest hour (which isn't saying much!), but nonetheless a very funny crime thriller

Lau H (de) wrote: This is a movie for all wrestler and all wrestling fan. A extraordinary movie in an ordinary plot. Micky Rourke makes the character alive and make this movie a great piece of art.

Anne F (us) wrote: This film, considered to be the first Ealing comedy, was filmed in London in 1947 and shows many scenes of the damage caused by wartime bombings. It's the story of a group of children tracking down a criminal gang and gives a lovely view of how teenagers and pre-teens behaved at that time. Alastair Sim was not on-screen for much of the film but he was brilliant when he was in the camera's gaze, whilst Jack Warner played a wonderfully evil baddie.