Indiáni z Vetrova

Indiáni z Vetrova

In the frontier village Vetrov boys from the children's home called Indians lead a bitter "war" with the local Símáks. Before a battle the Indians have a meeting in the sandpit with a smoke...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:83 minutes
  • Release:1979
  • Language:Czech
  • Reference:Imdb
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Indiáni z Vetrova torrent reviews

Maciej Z (ca) wrote: Very inspiring and somewhat forgotten piece of history

Jared H (au) wrote: awesome movie.great story!

Craig E (kr) wrote: Interesting way of telling a story, too bad they didn't have a story worth telling.

Fred (au) wrote: His Knowledge is your misery....hahahah

Art L (ca) wrote: OK entertainment for an insomniac. NSFB

Rivi (ca) wrote: - We will steal a car.- We can't steal a car!- Why not?- We are the good guys. Good guys don't steal cars.- Then we can steal a bad guy's car.After a long time I have seen such a beautiful romantic comedy. I felt like I was on a road trip across Hamburg, Budapest, Istanbul etc. One of the IMDb reviewers said it nicely: 'The overall plot may be simple but the movie is full of highly original ideas. The timing is perfect, a rush of events, pictures and music just lets the audience suffer with the protagonists.'

Byron B (us) wrote: JUMPING BUTTERBALLS!Adapted from a stage play, which is obvious when you notice that nearly the entire movie is filmed within two adjoining hotel rooms. Made for RKO, so except for Ryskind who had written for some other Marx Brothers movies, they had a whole different production team and supporting cast. Still very funny situations and opportunities for madcap Marx antics, but no musical numbers except a few bars of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Ball is an actress in the play Groucho is trying to produce and his assistant, but she fades into the background amidst the brothers' schemes. Miller has next to no screen time and no chance of making an impression. Albertson is the author of the play, a whiny, small town bumpkin who is taken in by all the craziness. Dunstan plays Groucho's half brother and hotel manager, so he represents the authority of the hotel, but also goes along with Groucho's and Chico's plans without too much trouble. MacBride, as Wagner the efficiency expert, is really the stiff that the Marx Brothers are trying to tear down with their anti-authority hijinks. The man from the collection agency, the man representing the financial backer for the play, the Russian want-to-be actor, and the doctor each pop up in one or two scenes to move the plot and supply the set up for a couple gags. Several high quality visual and verbal gags are included. I must say that my favorite was when the doctor tries to get Harpo to say "Ahhh" too.

David S (us) wrote: What if u slept with someone you know is that still ok??

Emilie R (au) wrote: Not bad, but slightly disappointing. I wouldn't have minded if it was 3 or 4 hours long. Hardly does the book any justice, in my opinion. Kristen Stewart was quite good, though. (:

Dustin M (br) wrote: An at times very funny and creepy horror comedy. Matthew Gray Gubler needs bigger roles because he's great here.

Kevin V (ag) wrote: It's not that this is a poorly made movie. It's just that its lighthearted "oh, well stuff happens" treatment of statutory rape is at the very least, a dangerous message to send. Probably the most unintentionally disturbing movie I've ever seen.

Justin T (es) wrote: Everything you look for in a horror movie. Terrible monster costumes, nudity, and needless violence. Also a large fish!