Indie Sex: Censored

Indie Sex: Censored

The history of film censorship in the United States. The documentary covers the pre-code era, to the 1934 introduction of the Hays Code. This slowly broke down and the MPAA was introduced in 1968.

The history of film censorship in the United States. The documentary covers the pre-code era, to the 1934 introduction of the Hays Code. This slowly broke down and the MPAA was introduced in 1968. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kim H (br) wrote: I work at a library (yes, it's awesome), and am in the cataloging department. This little gem may have slipped by getting added to our library's DVD section if I hadn't pulled it off the donation cart. How someone could give up this gem, I'm not sure, but I'm glad they did because I, and numerous library patrons, will now be able to enjoy it.Nerds, Jocks and Hot Girls all get along together, which is nice to see. Then you have the typical redneck, which of course you will find on the way to your giant lake house that has no neighbors close by. Once we get to the house, that's when the mangling and dismembering begins. What they think of as a freak thing, (the shark must have came through the levy after hurricane season), quickly turns into sharks everywhere. The sheriff (who plays Harvey on Gotham... love that crazy show), adds some comic relief as the bumbling country bumpkin. Very little nudity, and no sex, just lots and lots of blood. The final reason as to why this is happening makes sense in a twisted way. And honestly I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened in real life... or maybe it has. So next time you're near a saltwater lake, you might want to let your friends go for a swim while you stay on the beach.

Private U (us) wrote: an underrated ferrara gem. ...sometimes you just have to face the facts and admit to yourself that you killed some chick when you were whacked out on drugs, even if you now have gone clean and are going out with claudia schiffer

Steve S (kr) wrote: I'm gonna watch this every Halloween...and you should too!

Joshua L (ru) wrote: kinda funny, not bad

Steve R (mx) wrote: As an American and a fan of Bollywood films, I can state, with a significant degree of confidence, that most Americans just won??t get them. Here??s why:Americans take themselves too seriouslyTo appreciate Bollywood, one must suspend reality and I mean all of it. The plots are predictable, the filming style simple, and the overall ??experience?? is that of a B-movie. However, the music is fun, the acting over the top but not stupid (difficult to do) and the dance numbers are great to watch. Most Americans would rather make fun of the movie and tune it out rather than accepting the film for what it is - a very fun diversion from life. Like The Big Lebowski, it??s not the plot that drives the action but the characters. Americans aren??t used to that. Read back at the scathing reviews delivered unto Lebowski for it??s lack of direction.The familiarity of Indian storiesThe plots are the same. The scripts are similar. What makes a difference is to alter these cultural stories into something new that doesn??t confuse the viewer but is familiar enough to understand. Other then Star Wars, I can??t think of anything similar in American culture. Try to explain Star Wars to someone who has never experienced it (I have). It??s not easy and will end in failure because of the lack of a cultural connection. This doesn??t mean you can??t appreciate Bollywood. It??s just that it will take some effort early on.Americans take themselves too seriously, Part 2These movies are silly and they know they are but they are a blast to experience precisely for that reason. Other than the kids who are all about High School Musical, I don??t see any other generation of Americans who would go to the movies just to have a good time and not to tear down and make fun of what??s on the screen because they refuse to let themselves go (without the assistance of chemicals) and experience something new in public.This is why (among many other reasons) you should kill your television.Marigold stars Ali Larter (Heroes) as a spoiled American actress who is abandoned in India by her agent. Salman Khan (good Bollywood actor) plays a choreographer who takes pity on her when she tries to land a role in a Bollywood production and you can figure out the rest.It??s a romance and not a bad on if you haven??t been exposed to Bollywood. The producer / director Willard Carroll loves Bollywood films and tries to make one for the Western audience. As such, there is better Bollywood out there. This isn??t an easily dismissed attempt. Carroll gets the silly plots, the even sillier sub-plots, the dance numbers and the music. The trick is to get the film up to ??Grease?? levels of music driving the acting that drives the story that drives the music. All of these need to work to make a Bollywood film. Khan and Larter are beautiful together on screen and their romance is almost believable but the characters need to drive this and, although they do a decent job, the magic is just barely out of reach. I think they could have been fleshed out more. The music is mediocre and the dancing, although very close (the club scene is good) doesn??t get it up to save this.If you??ve never experienced Bollywood, look into this. If not, I can recommend real Bollywood that would turn you into a fan just like a majority of the people on this planet.

Tarun V (ca) wrote: funny, bad plot though

Erin W (ru) wrote: Very good movie!!! Good Music too. Matt Dillon reminds me of The wilson Beach Boy, just how he turns out evenutally. Illeana Douglas did a great job in this one..Love it!

bill s (ru) wrote: I see the flaws but Palance is just so funny as the gruff cop I didn't care about those flaws and laughed.

Pen T (ca) wrote: While the movie has many high points, Dustin Hoffman being at his best, it cannot hide that it shows its age. The criticism of how women are being treated could be sharper but was probably sharp at its time. The depth of the characters, is to be described as shallow at best. Mrs. Doubtfire is a welcome addition to this men-in-women's-clothing and it does age better. Still, it is a nice movie with a recollection of the 80s that has with time lost some of its bite.

Logan T (ag) wrote: Empty storyline. Flat dialog. Genuinely boring throughout.

Zoran S (fr) wrote: Not nearly as thrashy and silly as it good have been. Joan Crawford is still fine though.

Jacob D (de) wrote: Looks like Tim is back in the game.

Spookie M (mx) wrote: Typical 80's slasher with a killer who dresses in a fencing costume! Lots of bad acting and weird editing!

Ian P (fr) wrote: In Secret is a period drama and thriller movie based on Emile Zola's novel Therese Raquin. The story of an illicit affair, obsession love and revenge is interesting yet some of the scenes were boring to watch because of the slow pacing of the film and sometimes used of gloomy background colors and scenes. The wardrobe and costumes used were beautiful and appropriate since this is a period movie set in 1860's Paris. But the ending of the story feels weak. It could have been better rather than leaving it with a feel of escaping and running on a dead end with no choice but commit suicide. Still, In Secret is worth to watch as it is entertaining with its story of period drama about adultery and murder. One of the best acts from the movie comes from 2-time Oscar winner Jessica Lange who provided a notable and solid portrayal of Therese Raquin.

bill s (br) wrote: When you only go halfway between a comedy and a horror movie you get one that's neither funny nor scary .

Joey F (de) wrote: Simultaneously funny and a surprisingly honest look at divorce. It toes a beautiful line between cliche and inventive.