Indra opens in a village in Andhra Pradesh showing the rivalry between two families. A police officer wishing to end this hostility comes up with the proposal of marriage between the two families which ultimately is used by Shivraj as a trap to finish off his rival. After the funeral, no one is willing to stake claim for the leadership of the clan when the young Indrasena Reddy comes in and tells his grandmother that he will.

Since 1965 bitter hatred and animosity has reigned between two families, namely that of Indrasen's and the Reddys, which results in the death of Indrasen's dad, and his two uncles, one of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan N (kr) wrote: The film borders on the melodramatic for way too long, 2 hours by count. I liked the actors and the depth they bring to the film but the filmmaking is forced. You are constantly provided with flashbacks of everything you have seen and that's when he is losing the fight. I have seen pretty much every boxing movie and sadly this misses beats left, right and centre. The writing seems strong so my best guess is the editing where the film seems to have lost its strength.

George B (jp) wrote: This is the worst documentary I have ever watched.

Cade H (es) wrote: The Freebie was a very short and simple movie without any bells and whistles. It told the story of a married couple who agreed to have one night where they could each go out and hook up with someone. The film focused on just the 2 people and thats it. It really showed the emotions and hardships experienced by each of them as they watched the other go out and then come home the following day. There was nothing exciting about this one, it was all about the couple and their relationship and their feeling toward one another. You kind of need to be in a relaxed mood to watch this one. The acting was excellent and I was surprised to see Dax Shepard who is known for his comedic idiot roles pull of this type of character. If the premise interests you, check it out but if you married, don't get any ideas! lol.

Bea G (es) wrote: LOVED IT, LOVED IT, LOVED IT!!!

Don H (kr) wrote: This is not meant to be a 'horror' movie. Much deeper than that. In the current political climate this is especially good. By being especially horrible. Turn your brain on and watch this good flic.

Andrej Z (gb) wrote:'s not a dumpster that's something

Scot C (jp) wrote: Starring and directed by Tim Robbins. A political comedy, and an impressive directorial debut. Also many well known faces, before they were well known. A very good film.

Knox M (kr) wrote: Whilst it might feel more like a stage play than a motion picture, Dial M For Murder is purely entertaining from start to finish.

Jorge B (us) wrote: I think that this movie is stupid and doest not have any sense. Surrealism, bahhh. The music is amazing, but I do not understand what remains. One of the movies that all the people who love the 7th art should like, but I do not.