A pair of newspaper reporters receive help from an unlikely accomplice in their effort to stave off an alien invasion.

A pair of newspaper reporters receive help from an unlikely accomplice in their effort to stave off an alien invasion. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Maximiliano D (kr) wrote: An emotional nostalgia trip about the difficulties of a of a growing up teenager who befriends with older high school people. Good acting with a strong performance from Logan Lerman.

Joseph B (nl) wrote: Not a fan of this movie at all. Tired plot with boring scenes. This movie shouldn't have been made. Wasted film.

WA B (mx) wrote: I loved this film who would have thought it would have been 2 steps up from the 1st the story wasn't disturbing this one was kina funny some humor not many grisley happenings they learned from their mistakes

Michael S (es) wrote: It's rare to see a movie like Satantango. To determine if this movie is for you simply ask yourself "does a 7 hour black and white Hungarian film sound appealing to me?" If yes then chances are , like me, you'll find yourself merciless emersed in a film that pushes film boundaries further than most will dream. It's not a movie for everyone. Those willing to commit to the marathon runtime however will probably lose themselves because time becomes mostly irrelevant in Bela Tarrs worlds. It's almost impossible to describe but it's bleak, beautifully weirdly funny and dreamlike in nature. I doubt I'll ever see another film like it.

Jeremy G (it) wrote: Good creepy horror film that has little to no gore instead relies on scres and creepiness

Jussi M (de) wrote: Mukana nimekkit nyttelijit, mutta silti aika vsynytt ja aikansa elnytt toimintaa.

Eric M (mx) wrote: Nicholson shows off his young acting skills in this Amercana piece. He plays a young bad-ass type and doesnt let peer pressure get ot him. Well shot for it's time

doris c (jp) wrote: hilarious...oldie....

Walter M (it) wrote: [font=Century Gothic]In "Port of Shadows," Jean(Jean Gabin) has had enough of the army and the violence he has witnessed in Vietnam. He has deserted and made his way to Le Havre, hoping to catch a boat out of France, even without any money. Panama(Delmont) takes pity on him and shelters him for the night at his dive. And what an eventful night. First, Jean makes the acquaintance of Nelly(Michele Morgan), a young woman lost in the world. Then, Lucien(Pierre Brasseur), a petty thug, shows up to have a quiet chat with Zabel(Michel Simon) about the whereabouts of Maurice but Panama holds him off forcefully.[/font][font=Century Gothic][/font] [font=Century Gothic]"Port of Shadows" is a compelling but contrived movie with an ironic ending about the various characters inhabiting the waterfront. The one thing they all have in common is that none are winners in the game of life and they are not judged for that by each other, as camaraderie is the one thing prized above all else. All of this is viewed through Jean's jaded eyes but the movie actually belongs to Nelly as everything revolves around her. After all, Jean is just passing through.[/font]

Mike M (mx) wrote: The final round of stunts is technically impressive, but more a trapeze act than anything truly funny - with it arrives the suggestion that Keaton was hung up on hanging around, just as Chaplin was on tugging on his audience's heartstrings. In Willie McKay, though, the performer was to find an analogue for the new medium: a plucky contender capable of great civilities. The result's never less than genial entertainment, and a reminder the movies did, once upon a time, have the best of intentions and were, more or less, wholly innocent.