The not too distant future. A deadly virus has swept across the Earth. Billions perished. The survivors moved underground . . . 30 years on and plagued with self-blame following a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Infestation torrent reviews

Marnie Z (us) wrote: This was actually really entertaining. A lot of "women are withces/bitches" references...obviously written by a bitter man but funny enough if you don't take it seriously.. :p

Isaac A (nl) wrote: Sure this movie can be stupid at times... Although it is very funny and uplifting. I don't know why people don't like this movie.

Wrik S (gb) wrote: One really long movie, set within really dark settings, literally.. Stretches art house to whole new lengths..

Luke G (es) wrote: Great cast, average movie. If you're going to watch a Christmas comedy you're better sticking with National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Ian C (it) wrote: It uses every cliche in the book, combined with the essential post Lockstock voice over that is in the majority of British crime flicks.

Clyde S (nl) wrote: same as ong bak all i gotta say is bad ass

bill s (ru) wrote: Everyone knew he was guilty(they were yelling it at the screen)the rest is just a slow dredge bore.

Al P (nl) wrote: A story about a MAN and a DOG.Canoga Park, California.

Daniel K (gb) wrote: 2.5: One certainly doesn't expect to see so much nudity in a Billy Wilder picture, but, after all, it was 1972 and it is all handled quite innocently. It's a thoroughly lighthearted film that deals with a number of less than comedic events in a charming manner: the face of the dead mother and father are never shown, the murder of the butler is done off screen, the marital infidelity is made light of, etc. It all works pretty well and the setting is of course wonderful. It's not Wilder's best by any means, but it is not an embarrassment either.

BellaRay (us) wrote: Ohhh that song again!

Ceary B (de) wrote: I saw a crap version so I may be biased. Still, too depressing for me. Grant seems out of his element at times.

Caroline P (au) wrote: My criterion for French films consists of how well I can understand them without subtitles. This was almost incomprehensible without them, but the story is so simple that it really wouldn't matter.

Jared H (jp) wrote: A simple story greatly told.

Robert S (es) wrote: This movie is pure, unadulterated garbage.

JuanKa P (mx) wrote: Cuando nios, en la dcada de los 80's, Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler), Will Cooper (Kevin James), Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad) y Eddie 'The Fire Blaster' Plant (Peter Dinklage) se dedicaban a jugar juegos de video en las maquinitas. Se volvieron campeones en los clsicos juegos de ATARI. En la actualidad, unos aliens descubren una cpsula espacial que encierra estos juegos e interpretan esto como un reto para conquistar el mundo. Deciden, precisamente, enfrentarse a la humanidad con estos juegos. La nica posibilidad de salvar el mundo pasar por dejarlo en manos de estos nerds