Our hero, Cooper, awakes to find himself nauseous, weak and covered in webbing, hanging from the ceiling of an office where, just minutes ago, he started his new job. As he struggles out of his slimy prison he comes face to face with his opponent - a grotesque, powerful and very angry bug. All 3 ft of it

The film tells a story of Cooper who is attacked by a bug hanging from the ceiling of his office. He must teams up with other people to fight against an infestation of monstrous bug to go to the safe place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Infestation torrent reviews

Anita G (nl) wrote: Deux excellents acteurs pour les rles principaux. Dommage que les grands-mres soient un peu clich (C)es.

Adilin I (ag) wrote: Confusing up till the very end. The last 15 minutes were pure genius.

Matt M (fr) wrote: The story of a traditionalist wedding in India, New Delhi. Mira Nair's film follows a conventional approach and internationally appealing structure to examine and portray the contrast between traditionalism and the realities of a modern world. The style she employs successfully draws inspiration from the Bollywood dramas, a style which adds appeal to a remarkable production.

Panji P (mx) wrote: fun and touchy...very entertaining!

Nick D (kr) wrote: i watched this one streaming from netfllix on my ipad 4 inches from my face, thanks to being in bed with a cold: perfect! I love Assayas' energy and shaggy storytelling. I also appreciate a guy who is able to make a movie that sums up the state of French cinema in the context of globalization, and still honors and in a sense summarizes the prior 90 years, from Feuillade to the New Wave. Maggie Cheung is marvelous as herself, and the big cast, reminiscent of Truffault's DAY FOR NIGHT, stumbles around in their own lives while trying to make a damn movie. Fun.

Sarah H (au) wrote: I thought all these movies were cute and funny!

Eric H (br) wrote: I only watched this because it came packaged in with Reno 911! and I wish I had just left it in the plastic. All the crap about getting into college is too unrealistic and ridiculous to be remotely funny. I only gave it as many stars as I did because Phil Hartman is in it.

Shaikabdul M (br) wrote: A love story which hav started sensation in Bollywood.Superb movie

Shonna N (nl) wrote: This was my first Mario Bava movie, and his famous 2nd film. His dark, slow, foggy scenes are terrifying. The possessions are very macabre, and all of the rich underground crypts have realistic details. I was enthralled from the beginning. Even though it was filmed in the 60s before modern special effects - this is better than any of our cheesy horror movies today. 5 stars

Ian E (it) wrote: "Bambi" is a funny, heartfelt, and artistically animated film that manages to maintain a heartfelt tone while representing serious themes with sensitivity.

Anthony T (nl) wrote: This film slithered into a special place in my heart.... I don't know why, I just enjoyed it so much.Recommended for the creature feature fans!

Carlos M (ru) wrote: This passable remake is proof that you can redo a great film in a different way and still obtain an effective result, even if far from the same level of quality - and most of its faults can be attributed to stylistic excesses and obvious inconsistencies that appear in the end.