Horror tale of insects which eat their victims from the inside out.

Horror tale of insects which eat their victims from the inside out. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Infested torrent reviews

Jeff C (br) wrote: looks like a fucking tunes movie to me

Claudette A (mx) wrote: There wasn't much to this movie.

Brett W (us) wrote: A masterpiece of space-action diarrhea, "I Recon 2525" is a worthy follower in the footsteps of such classic crap as "Space Mutiny"...and some other ones I don't care to remember.Imagine Battlestar Galactica except with porn stars and cheesy graphics. Or kind of like an alternate reality where Uwe Boll swapped places with James Cameron and directed Aliens. A must see, I say! Smoke a big bowl of space-hash and go to Jupiter and beyond (to the edge of the crapiverse!)This must be what they mean when the U.S. Army lists "film and television" opportunities on job classified websites.

Jason K (mx) wrote: Not As Good As The first OneBut Still a Very Fun film

Adam L (gb) wrote: Really good film, only down side is they dragged it on to much in the middle of the film and I also thought the ending could of been a little better as well still a really good film a must watch.

Rachel M (au) wrote: aww, this is so cool and funny! lol

Gabe S (ru) wrote: Surprisingly well made. Entertaining and informative.

Angie RIP Ciji 19852008 (au) wrote: I only watched this for

Gregory W (au) wrote: b movie horro schlock here the cyclops is more of a laugh than scarey

Tristan M (ag) wrote: Actually quite a good movie despite the review it gets. It's non stop, always a game of cat and mouse where the opponent could be around any corner. The acting, in the case of Miguel, was good, he added a tense and eerie mood to the film as a whole. But as we know the other actors in the movie don't excel in that word, but play their roles well. Robert just wants out of the job, but as more and more money is offered for different jobs, he gives in an keeps doing that 'one last job'. Why that girl Electra decided to tag along with him for the whole job, and the movie makes no sense, just as the flight attendant does with Arnold Schwarzenegger in Commando. She's just along for the ride, scared, gets into trouble, and could have been removed from the majority of it. The action is pretty decent and overall enjoyable. It's far fetched many times, but that's to be expected. The gunshots are almost all that cheesy silenced sound we are used to heading, and is kinds lame and annoying after a while. The ending takes forever but isn't bad, it actually ends quite well I think and we get what is expected of course. Overall good movie, classic, well paced with decent action and standoffs.

Collin T (mx) wrote: An all time favorite. Enemy Of The State brings two top actors of their generations and puts together a non-stop suspenseful thriller with a great story.

Isaac W (nl) wrote: Last time I went to cinema to see an Aussie film was also for Michael Caton and that film was the Castle. This is the second time. Last cab to Darwin is mixed many controversial and interesting topics such as euthanasia, aboriginals, the outback, backpackers and footy. The story is slow but full of nice and familiar sceneries. It also has a happy ending. 4 and half stars.