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Infiltrados torrent reviews

Michael J (de) wrote: this movie sucked. its extremely slow and there is practically no dialogue for a movie of that length, there are many missing pieces and it leaves you with more questions then anything. waste of time

Matthew C (de) wrote: this is a really special documentary about how an ordinary man can influence the world.

Barnaby G (jp) wrote: If your idea of horror is losing your children, then this might appeal. Personally, if I had two little brats like the kids in this film I would be praying night and day for them to be abducted. Pointless ghost story, devoid of scares and quality.

Aidan W (kr) wrote: Dumb as a box of rocks and not quite as much fun.

Adam R (gb) wrote: Still scary and thrilling. Not bad at all for a sequel. It will keep you on the edge of your seat. (First and only viewing - 7/5/2008)

Jonathan S (de) wrote: Lucas's first feature film is a sci-fi dystopia reminiscent of "1984" and "Brave New World." It's not perfect (the pacing is kind of slow and that final chase scene drags), but it's a real promising first film. It's cool to see the beginnings of some of Lucas's trends: the faceless police officers behave very similar to stormtroopers, and the constant video screens, radio communication, and numbering remind me a lot of the Death Star. There's not much here as far as characters and the story is familiar, but what this film excels at is atmosphere. I love all these industrial sets in parking garages and factories. The color palate is dull and everything is uniform. You can see a lot of later movies (particularly YA movies) adopting this. Unfortunately, the only version I could find of this was the director's cut. I thought it'd be just a longer version, but Lucas definitely pulled a "Special Edition" on this one. Awful CGI pops up a lot and completely takes you out of the movie. I mean CGI that looks like a 90's video game. It's a real shame because while the technology of the original film is dated, it still works and feels cohesive. But looking at what he's done to Star Wars, I guess it shouldn't surprise me.Kind of a slow movie, but essential for any sci-fi or film junkie.

Nate T (ca) wrote: Agreeable time filler has a slow pace. On Blu-ray.

Chase M (ca) wrote: I wanted Scott Summers to blow Katherine Heigel's face off.