Follows the life of a young woman (Min-ah) who has become reserved and indifferent to the world as a result of her chronic illness/deformed hand and quietly portrays the unconventional, yet endearing relationship between mother and daughter as well as the development of Min-ah as she is befriended by the high spirited and carefree photographer Young-jae who moves into their apartment complex.

Mi-na is a high school student living alone with her mother, dreams of having the perfect boyfriend. But can any man hope to live up to her image of the ideal partner? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gordon H (ru) wrote: Again british cinema showing that sometimes less is more. A excellent film made by a couple of up and coming young filmmakers

Max J (ru) wrote: Was such a great movie loved it!

Rey P (fr) wrote: Will probably be funnier the more times I watch it, just like the first one.

Des S (ca) wrote: I can't believe it took me so long to see this movie. I really loved it, and really felt like I connected with it.

Robert H (jp) wrote: Andy Griffith stands out as an evil man who has an entire county under his influence in this otherwise stiff true crime procedural.

Anthony S (au) wrote: I am not a big Altman fan, but I am a fan of gambling films when done right and this is it. Gets gambling down perfectly with two great characters.

Gregory W (au) wrote: good and moody as a group looks for a professor taken by the nazis. another train movie like the shanghi express or murder on the orient express.

Mandi B (ca) wrote: Not that I 'want to see it' but it sounds better than most of these.

Pamela C (jp) wrote: Loved, Loved, Loved this movie!! I laughed and cried!!! Big Stone Gap..the town..the book..the movie!!!!

Justin T (fr) wrote: they shoe you some things you cant even comprehend. Darwin cant explain more than half of what you see. He's a tool