Ingen kan älska som vi

Ingen kan älska som vi

Anneli is soon to be 17 years old. She lives alone with her mother and can barely remember her father who left the family 10 years ago. One day she receive a letter from her father, who is ...

Anneli is soon to be 17 years old. She lives alone with her mother and can barely remember her father who left the family 10 years ago. One day she receive a letter from her father, who is ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manish M (ag) wrote: A good attempt at portraying the scenario of partition, and at portraying the human emotions different people experience and have to deal with. Urmila has done wonders with her emotional and facial expression. This movie itself is worth watching just for her performance, if not for the script.Overall: Must watch.

George E (de) wrote: Good suspense thriller. Very suspenseful and fun to watch. I love films like this.

Andrew M (br) wrote: I don't like this movie much at all, I just can't remove it from my favourites. :(

Thomas P (nl) wrote: I. LOVE. This. Movie. Always have actually. A small town, light dramedy of an almost divorced middle aged woman who gets transported back to high school to relive meeting here husband.The idea of a do-over is huge w me, and Coppola gets every detail right w sets, script, dialogue, and gets the perfect pitch and tone from his stars.Hilarious high school antics, and then poignant and heartfelt moments at just the right time.The witty deadpan comments about American culture then and now are brilliant and give this film a thinking man's layer; the comedy and drama keep things lively, and the moments of nostalgia - talking to a long gone relative on the phone again - brought a depth that got me thinking 'what if I could go back and change things?' I was drawn in completely.Nostalgic to a 'T', thoughtful, great cast camaraderie, great costumes, and a few early Jim Carrey antics to boot.The premise of going back and doing your life over again with what u know now - Awesome.And used to full effect here, in Francis Ford Coppola's best grand, sweeping, storytelling style. It has some visual qualities like The Black Stallion, and is a female Back To The Future - a year before that movie hit the scene.They particularly nailed the culture of 1960 too.So many ways they got it right, and Kathleen Turner brings her Oscar nominated 'A' game. 5 out of 5 dreams that feel SO real..

Fit K (fr) wrote: Molto bello questo film di Truffaut ( il primo che vedo del regista), mi piace il suo realismo (ecco cos' il realismo francese!!!), la sua semplicit nel raccontare storie. Molto bello anche il discorso finale del professore agli alunni sul ragazzo che appena stato preso dai servizi sociali, discorso sugli adulti fatto ai bambini e per questo semplice, disarmante ed efficace.

Beans and Cornbread (kr) wrote: i love love love this movie

Dave J (us) wrote: Thursday, September 15, 2011 (1939) Gunga Din ADVENTURE Propoganda piece which has similar remnants to "Birth of the Nation" and based on a novel written by Rudyard Kipling showcases a theme which showcases the English troops, being portrayed as good guys despite being on East Indian soil and the radical East Indians wanting them to get the hell out, with out-of-the ordinary East Indian people helping them anyway they can, since some are labelled as worthless because of their physical presence! Rather pretentious and old fashioned, like it as a kid- feels quite pale now! "Zulu Dawn", and "The Naked Prey" consist of realistic settings! 2 out of 4

Leeya B (kr) wrote: Again, I probably don't have much say here....but you guys are looking too far into it. It's just a simple comedy. It's meant to be kind of corny. It's a guilty pleasure for me.

Bob W (mx) wrote: Distinctly early 60's space age attempt at retelling Dafoe's book in a slow paced Martian setting. Special effects are very dated. Has elements of John Carter of Mars as well. Still, there is an attempt at some realistic hard science fiction--finding oxygen, water and food, etc.

Carl C (us) wrote: This movie was awful. The critics were totally right on rotten tomatoes. The acting was deplorable and the movie was extremely biased. Of course they made all the atheists look like jack asses and all of the professors counter arguments were the weakest ones you could have ever picked. Also the students arguments could be easily ripped apart which was most frustrating. Don't waste your time with this movie. If you're interested in learning something valuable go read a science book or something by Dawkins or Hitchens.