Îngerul necesar

Îngerul necesar


Ana is a pianist and a composer. She is young, has an enviable social position, various musical projects and a great deal of drive. She lives in a big house, decorated in black and white, in a minimalist style, in a residential area. An unknown admirer is sending her, from afar, paradoxical signs of love. These are ironical messages, unexpected presents, clever manipulations, that all have one thing in common: the colour blue and a moralizing nuance. His seduction ritual is more like a show of his power, but also of his intelligence: it suffices that Ana makes a wish and, in a short while, she gets "it". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Will L (gb) wrote: This laugh-a-minute send up will undoubtedly entertain, IF you understand the premise, that being that this is a movie that was so terrible that it was never shown... until now.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Holes is a really great movie that does the book justice to itself. I've read the book and liked it, so I expected the film to be faithful to the source material, and not only is it faithful, but it has the heart of it. With a cast mostly filled with kid actors, they are surprisingly really good especially Shia LaBeouf. The characters are very memorable, and the villains, while obvious, are very intimidating. The plot is really good, and the flashback is just as interesting as the main story. The writing is really great, which the way the kids talk, is very realistic for a kids film. One of the problems I had with it, is the editing which was really odd when it transitions to the flashback, and it comes out of nowhere. As is, Holes is a clever film that kids and adults would enjoy even if it doesn't have the fastest pace.

i love rani p (de) wrote: i love ths movie can't wait to u watch it again :)

Skylar K (ru) wrote: While the ton of the film may seem off for the Dr.Suess classic,the story still has plenty of charm and humor with Jim Carrey stealing the spotlight the whole way through. Definently a classic.

Henrik S (mx) wrote: It is great to see Brittany Murphy, she is a true sex icon in my opinion. However, the film just fails for many reasons. It follows the formula of slasher films, apart from the quirky idea that the killers is going after virgins instead of the other way around. However, that fact is not really used to its maximum potential. The worst thing about the film is, that you can tell who the murderer is by looking at the casting list, go ahead, try it, .... see ... it works, it is super obvious and that makes the whole tension disappear from the get go. A turkey