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Tim M (br) wrote: Yen pays tribute to Bruce Lee, complete with Green Hornet costume, nunchuks, and a white suit. Opens with an awesome scene from World War 1. Fantastic cast and lighting. "The calm, determined presence of Yen pulls it all together, with major help from cinematographer-turned-director Andrew Lau Wai-Keung."

Michael B (ag) wrote: Oddly interesting. Low budget filming hurt this film that has some oddly tender moments and a few solid performances (Rose & Bell).

Ricardo W (ca) wrote: Sin importar cuantas veces la vea, que divertida resulta cada vez!

Pascal E (br) wrote: A lot of shocking moments. Very good movie that I would recommend everyone who likes gory horror. The story is based on an interesting idea.

Garrett S (jp) wrote: This moovie is off the hook great action Donnie yen does it yet again

Graham J (kr) wrote: A truly strange film, it makes no sense and makes total sense all at the same time. Steven Soderbergh, at the top of his game, handles directing, editing, scoring, camerawork and the lead role in this comedic oddity.

Simon D (nl) wrote: with a title (and front cover) like this I was expecting a pile of patriotic propaganda rubbish but not so. Quite the contrary. Yes it is full of loud annoying soldiers misbehaving in Laos but it's not a bad film and is probably one of the most underrated Vietnam war films out there.

Matt R (au) wrote: Having been completely ignorant on the subject of body building before watching, this documentary was an enlightening experience.

William C (de) wrote: They say that Ronald Reagan could never act because he was president. They also say that he was a bad president because he was an actor. I do not know much about his politics, however I do know that this is by far his greatest performance on the silver screen. Ronnie could act and this whole movie proves it. With Charles Coburn, Betty Field, and Claude Rains, this exquisite romance is the perfect Warner Bros. drama.

Marc R (kr) wrote: Gandolfini is the only spark in this blunt, rather empty flatline of a film.

danielle m (nl) wrote: I'm not sure if the movie itself was funny, but it was sure funny to joke about it afterwards

Kenneth L (it) wrote: If a violent stalker gets stuck on you especially if he's a IT security consultant, then you have few options to defend yourself inside the limits of the law, leaving little choice but vigilante justice.