Gauri (Shobhana) the sole survivor of a tragic bus accident loses her memory. Admitted to a private nursing home, where she is diagnosed as suffering from 'hysterical amnesia' (retrograde amnesia), she falls in love with the doctor's son Sarath Menon (Jayaram). However, Narendran (Suresh Gopi), Gauri's husband arrives from USA searching for Gauri. When Gauri fails to recognise Narendran, he returns without a word, never showing Sarath his wedding photos with Gauri, that he was carrying with him.

After a serious accident a girl who was hospitalized forgets her past. She stops worrying about her past when she fall in love with a man and finds herself secure with him. But the reality ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stephen J (gb) wrote: I'm a conservative guy who can discern liberal bias rather quickly. I am highly skeptical of the fear mongering leftist media and have not bought the global warming argument as easily as my colleagues. I approached this film with hesitation, but was delightfully surprised to find well balanced arguments supported by research and possible solutions. While I may not agree with Lomborg's politics, he is the most reasonable voice in the climate change debate and offers the best suggestions yet to better the lives of peoples around the globe. I'm still skeptical, but I think Lomborg's approach is rational, reasonable, and respectable. If only big politics (Democrats and Republicans) and big money would listen to reason, rationality, and respectability.

jon r (jp) wrote: daniel radclife is awesome in the movie so and other actors

Charles M (jp) wrote: Afro Samurai KICKS ASS!!!

angela b (nl) wrote: this is the worst movie ever made

oxana (ru) wrote: Way better than I dared to hope!The plot takes its time to brew; we get to know the characters and the situation, slowly, and by the time the real action begins, you're actually familiar enough with everyone to feel sorry for them.The special effects were not the best. It's funny how bad they were at places, while sometimes they were actually quite good. That doesn't really matter in this movie, because it gets the message across beautifully and within reason.This film is more than just what its covers shows; it's a story of survival, or political game and interesting stories that you might not think would be involved. People come together at the hardest of time, and when going gets tough... some of them get tougher. No super-heroics here, though.Interesting movie that didn't feel too long and was never too boring to keep watching.

Benjamin O (it) wrote: Preachy chastisement.

Brett B (es) wrote: Nice mix of stock film and actors to show the growth of the music scene in Manchester from the mid 70's to the mid 90's. I think the thing that hit me the most was either that 42 people were at the first Sex Pistols show and that many included a lot of future band members or that the Factory Records did not own anything at all really as the artists retained almost everything themselves. Kind of shows you how really cool ideas and movements might not be the most sound business models which are necessary to survive overtime. Very enjoyable even if you're not a fan of this music scene.

Bradley K (fr) wrote: Not bad at all for a DV release exploitation genre pic. It's not groundbreaking but it is definitely entertaining.

Janice W (br) wrote: I liked it alright, but I liked the 1999 version much better

Kim K (de) wrote: One of the worst, best movies I know. If you want to be grossed out and laugh your ass off at the same time watch this movie.

Diane D (it) wrote: Quirky and fun.......

Emily B (ru) wrote: "Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon." Akira Kurosawa In that case I am seeing the sun and moon for the first time. The Goddess, otherwise known as Devi, is a simple but memorable tale. Doyamoyee is a young woman living in a rural town in Bengal with her wealthy extended family. Her Husband is studying English, and although she doesn't want him to, he leaves for Calcutta to finish his exams. One night Doyamoyee's Father-In-Law has a vision that Doyamoyee is the incanation of the Goddess Kali, he gets up and falls at her feet. Believing that she is a Goddess, her family and the villagers start worshipping her. Doyamoyee doesn't belive for a second that she is in fact a reincarnation and can do nothing to stop it. Until one day, when a sick child is bought to her and surprislingly is cured. This event leads Doyamoyee to question whther she really could be a Goddess. By this time her husband has now returned and makes an offer of running away from this madness, but she refuses as she can't be sure whether she is a reincarnation or not. When another sick child is bought to her, (her nephew), she fails to cure him. This leads Doyamoyee to run away, and in the beautiful final scene we see her running into the midst uncertain of her fate. Beautifully shot in black and white and surprisingly good, this exceeded my expectations. I look forward to exploring Ray's work more.

Barry T (ru) wrote: A fantastic documentary about a man who buys some reels of films and uncovers a load of photographgs that were undeveloped but a reclusive nanny. As he develops more and more he becomes addicted in making her a star. SUPERB!

Sean H (ru) wrote: Slow ... like really slow and the atmospheric music gets on your wick after an hour of it non-stop.

Matt N (ca) wrote: Seems pointless although it does hold a few laughs.

Ibraheem M (gb) wrote: Not a bad family film, kids will enjoy it.