Inner Sanctum II

Inner Sanctum II

This is the story of Jennifer Reed who was forced into killing her husband in self defence. As of late, she has been plagued with nightmares of her recently deceased hubby returning from ...

This is the story of Jennifer Reed who was forced into killing her husband in self defence. As of late, she has been plagued with nightmares of her recently deceased hubby returning from ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Huw G (kr) wrote: The Proclaimers' music is nice, and undeniably cheery, but I've never listened to this much in one go before, it was always a small doses thing. But, this is a very, very nice film. It should be said that the opening scene is something extra special, a cut above the rest of the film. The remainder is liberally sprinkled, if not quite smothered, with cheese. Beautiful light, wonderful city scenes. Could have been more, but nice anyway.

Amanda H (gb) wrote: The plot was mildly interesting at best and the production quality was low. I definitely wouldn't be interested in seeing this again. I could see the same kind of thing on Lifetime for free.

Michael M (ag) wrote: A lot of what goes on in this movie has become standard for most horror movies these days but back in '99 this movie was fresh. Kevin Bacon is a king and this movie is fucking awesome. Check it out on NetFlix if you've never seen it before. Good stuff.

Emily L (es) wrote: I hated the stylized CGI, I disliked the unnecessary blood and gore, and I was bored after the first 15 minutes.

Ryan C (ru) wrote: Despite starring Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon, "Taxi" contains little laughs and falls flat of being a worthy remake.

Private U (fr) wrote: it's only funny if you Australian.

Noam T (gb) wrote: Good Story, poor acting

Cassandra M (fr) wrote: A very beautiful film with that special Antonioni atmosphere. I can identify with the feeling of emptiness and the people who cant really communicate with each other. Modern life and adulthood seems shallow and a bit soulless. You have to fill it with something and make it human again.The first time I saw it I was disapointed but it improved greatly with the second viewing and I want to see it again. There are new things to discover each time as with all of Antonionis films.

Paul D (es) wrote: This is a very good one from the series, lots of good jokes from the by now well versed cast.

Eliabeth L (fr) wrote: Beautiful, hilarious and amazingly manipulated.

Carlton R (mx) wrote: Classic Sci fi film from the 1960s, set in the future of 2000 plus. Basically he gets up in his jet but gets caught in a time rift which sends him from the 60s into the future where the world has been ravaged by a virus, caused by nuclear dust that has damaged the ozone. Leaving mutant humans on the surface and sterile humans in an underground city. There he meets 3 others scientists that have experienced similar, they plan a return back in time to prevent the damage happening, but when he returns it's not as it was. Love the empty Airfield scene in the beginning,and the story is excellent,some shaky sets but on the whole a great retro 60s movie

Kieran F (mx) wrote: Maybe the not the most...amazing film ever but I quite enjoyed this film. I remember first seeing it in theaters as a kid and liking it(back in '96 not '86 as RT mistakenly put) mind you I look back and I think I can see why this film wasn't given great reviews. at the time there was(if I remember right) A LOT of films coming out that had to do with dragons,Medivel empires and etc. so it was some what cliche and boring to see another one of them. This one was no different sure the premisses was interesting but ultimately it was just another well..King Arthur story basically. It wasn't bad but it was kind of boring. The story as I said was a king arthur type story meaning it's about a man who's able to rise up and lead his kingdom to an era of prosperity and etc from the darkness. The only catch? the king has half a heart of a Dragon in him due to being stabbed almost to death. The problem with that? he get's the "Evil side" of the heart. um...okay. Like I said it's cliche and all but the midevil premises and all the actors deliver which helps make this film entertaining. and not to be band wagonning or somehing but the best performance's are by Sean Connery. His voice as the dragon is great fun and actually at times quite funny IE "I merely chewed in self-defense, but I never swallowed." haha to "Oh, thank you very much. It's been stuck down there for months. Can you get your buttocks off my tongue?" Bowen: Why should you be comfortable? My armor is rusting in your drool and your *breath*, is absolutely *foul*!Draco: Well, what do you expect, with an old knight rotting between my molars? Haha but other then that there isn't alot in the film to say it's amazing but it's not crap either.

Sarah F (us) wrote: i wanna know what that paramedic girl they cast had that i didn't have!