Innocence Unprotected

Innocence Unprotected

Documentary about the famous Serbian athlete and movie enthusiast who made a feature film during the Nazi occupation of Belgrade and had some problems after the liberation because of that.

Documentary about the famous Serbian athlete and movie enthusiast who made a feature film during the Nazi occupation of Belgrade and had some problems after the liberation because of that. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Felipe S (it) wrote: Office space with aliens, recommended.

Rachael H (mx) wrote: An enjoyable indie film

Meagan G (br) wrote: Amazing story. Sad though :(

Alessandro C (nl) wrote: Nice to see, good story

Jessie F (gb) wrote: Hands down, Rainbow brite is my favorite cartoon Character.

Paula C (us) wrote: I started out thinking this would be like a fashion-themed Flashdance, with a stellar, intricately electric soundtrack to boot it. Then it got more complicated when Billy D. Williams became a stand-in Harold Washington trying to change the South Side. This is a prophetic movie to watch as both a recent college graduate and Diana Ross fan living in chicago- someone tells her "Honey, you don't make it here, you End Up here!" Shit! Hopefully that applies only to the fashion industry.THEN the movie becomes complicated by introducing Anthony Perkins as a shockingly qualified love interest/ fashion photographer, who incidentally has assy style. He repeatedly rocks a vanilla mock turtleneck and other items that transcend the trends of 1975 and look drawn from a proto- old navy bargain bin.- overalls covered by a camouflage print hooded sweatshirt. who knew they had those in the 70s? also he wears two large crosses making that trend uncool before madonna did it 10 years later. He seems well developed and then suddenly, Berry Gordy had him lead Billy D./Fake Harold Washington into a room literally lined with guns and they ensue in a gunfight only to find out that the gun they're wrestling with isn't loaded. Diana never finds out about this because noone tells her. Instead she just dances around to disco(cool) and drips hot wax on her chest and flashes her nipples. This kind of exuberant yet bizarre reaction is enjoyable for its ridiculous level, but unenjoyable because its just painfully bad. Basically, Berry Gordy had to be projecting his own insecurities with his relationship with Diana, the controlling image-creating that was made into fodder for Jamie Foxx to leer at tyra-banks esque terribly colorful pictures of Beyonce in Dreamgirls. Dreamgirls clearly lifted its modeling subplot from this movie, only the Jamie Foxx character is not the one who manufactures her image but Anthony Perkins who says, " i name all my modeling creations after inanimate objects"- which is why he calls diana Mahogany-rare wood often foudn in the rainforest. The Jamie Foxx/Berry Gordy projection is the fake Harold Washington who is not only saintly, but politically conscious. His political mindfulness of the projects of the south side make more sense than anything inthis movie! Still, he's just as controlling as Anthony Perkins, telling her totally manipulatively, "remember! no matter how successful you are, it means NOTHING if you dn't have someone you love to share it with! Nothing!!!!!" its pretty lose-lose. i think if diana had any say in how the plot would turn out, there'd be a lot mroe of her pouring hot wax on herself. Or at least sing "touch me in the morning" and dedicate it to "ALL the men!!!!"Seriously though, this movie is terrible. Its not even enjoyable that they assume that if they put anthony perkins in a movie, he'll be a good crazy. Damn you controlling jamie foxx!

Richard M (ag) wrote: It's hard to rate something I 'barely' understand...

Private U (ca) wrote: I'm impressed that this entire script probably fit on three pages. Otherwise, I was basically just waiting for Eve Meyer to take her clothes off, and...

Masorad (kr) wrote: It's the eve of U.S. involvement in WW II and they're lindy hoppin' as hellzapoppin. If divertissement such as this is the circus in bread and circuses, then being diverted ain't half bad.

Scott M (gb) wrote: A closer modern day looking into a zombie thriller, even though technically there are no zombies present.

Cameron H (ca) wrote: Happy day before Halloween! Ghost Shark fulfills all that one could ask for low-budget shark attack porn: awful acting, awful special effects, awful editing, awful cinematography, and ridiculous deaths by shark attack. The premise is that a ghost shark haunts the townspeople of Smallport, devouring each person by means of water travel. This means any body of water: sprinkler, faucet, fire hydrant, etc. The character development is non-existent. Conflicts are established, but are never resolved. That is okay, for it does not occupy too much screen time. The shark attacks are so entertaining, especially in the selfishness of the humans before they are attacked, that lack of development should not bog down the whole experience. Watch Ghost Shark for what you want it to be, and nothing more.

Jared K (gb) wrote: great sequal for the halloween movies very instant and scary i would give this a 4.5 / 5 because it wasent better than the first but still a great movie if i were you i would watch it

Brian G (br) wrote: The first of the Underworld series is nearly decent, but one could also ask for something of worth in this grim war between rugged monsters and hybrids.