Innocent Bystanders

Innocent Bystanders

Washed-up agent John Craig is given the task of proving his worth by tracking down a Russian scientist on the run. Cross and double-cross is the name of the game.

Experienced British spy must retrieve a defecting Soviet scientist from Turkey. When a pretty female innocent bystander gets kidnapped by mistake by his enemies, he feels responsible and decides to help her as well. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fran M (ru) wrote: This is perhaps the worst movie I have ever seen. Truly horrid. Not funny, gratuitously crude, and again - not funny. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Bateman, McKinnon, & Aniston can do better than this crap. Can't believe they signed on. And I can't believe I watched the whole thing. I kept waiting for the laughs, and then it ended. Thank goodness.

Kim T (mx) wrote: This is classic "camp horror." Gory, no plot, atrocious acting. But of course that's what I like. If you like campy movies the likes of Herschel Gordon Lewis, please check this one out, yall. I really liked.

Debanjan C (es) wrote: Director Derek Cianfrance perfectly nails the intricacies of American marriages in this fine drama that portrays the wonderful past and gloomy present of a couples' rocky relationship. Acting is great, the chemistry between Gosling and Williams is wonderful!

Dana C (ag) wrote: la amo, una buensimo drama mexicano

Darren P (ca) wrote: Is this a review of Alan Moore or the film? Both, I guess. As a writer and artist, he has accomplished many feats. Watchmen and V for Vendetta are just the highlights. At the same time, he is delusional, hypocritical, and a man of arguably psychopathic tendencies. He is a sad truth for lost artists everywhere. That being said, a lot of what he says in his interviews is interesting and worthwhile, whether it is accurate or not. It is interesting to learn about his life and inspirations, whether or not they may be deemed crazy. He is simply an interesting subject that should make for an interesting character study. But wait, that requires filmmaking - it is a chore to watch this movie. The filmic techniques are abrasive and poorly done. By the time the hour and 17 minutes are up, you wish you had simply been listening to a tape of what Alan Moore had to say - that's not a good thing to say about a motion picture. So, in conclusion, what should have been an interesting film was made excruciatingly painful at times, and not worth my time at all.

Richard H (es) wrote: I love the elegance of the performances and the dialogue. I wish I could write a tenth as well as this.

Greg W (br) wrote: Elvis' debut in movies, and not a bad production. Set in Civil War with nice title song.

Jon C (au) wrote: Pretty silly, but Lou just kills me. He always makes me laugh.

Casey N (es) wrote: Good Comedy Classic !

Sam G (us) wrote: Awful. Truly terrible. Wish I had that 90 mins of my life back. Bronson tries so hard to be artsy and edgy but its just dumb and pointless with no real plot to be found at all. Not sure how this has even a 74% rating. 4% would be more accurate in my opinion.

Harrison R (ru) wrote: Pro-cop and pro-government propaganda, but still a decently-told story.

Corey W (es) wrote: While it served its purpose for my entertainment, it had a much bigger impact on the rap game in the 90s.

Roman R (nl) wrote: "Sunday Bloody Sunday" no presenta una historia particularmente compleja pero s a ricos personajes en relaciones poco ortodoxas. La cinta se enfoca en una pareja muy abierta, el hombre es bisexual y tiene 5 hijos con otra mujer mientras la mujer acepta su vida hedonista y tambin tiene relaciones con otros hombres (la historia, a su vez, nos adentra en la vida de un mdico homosexual quin tambin es pareja del hombre). "Sunday Bloody Sunday", dirigida por John Schlesinger, es un drama bastante sofisticado para su tiempo, convirtindose en una cinta liberal y envolvente. Recomendable.