Innocent Lies

Innocent Lies

In September 1938 a British detective comes to a small French coastal town in order to investigate the death of a colleague. Prime suspects are the members of English aristocratic family with plenty of skeletons in the closet. This is a loose adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel Towards Zero.

In September 1938 a British detective comes to a small French coastal town in order to investigate the death of a colleague. Prime suspects are the members of English aristocratic family ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Suncica M (ru) wrote: Excellent! Great cinematography and interesting story that brings back neverending fighting windmills - language, traditions and customs getting forgotten, taken away along with the people who respected them... it's basically the story of life and love - being the most important, as always - at least the way I see it. And it touched me deeply, leaving this melancholic feeling behind - not sad, not bad, just bringing a melancholic smile on my face.

Martin S (fr) wrote: J'ai bien aim! Aussi bon que ce quoi je m'attendais. J'aurai mme aim qu'il soit un peu plus long... :)

Taylor W (ru) wrote: I wonder if they do these parodies on purpose

Alyssa C (nl) wrote: This is an Amazing movie, if u have had a odd life you will enjoy it because i certainly did!! :)

Tina M (it) wrote: Wise Girls is a REALLY good movie. It starts off VERY slow and extremely boring, but about an hour into it, there's a great twist that keeps the movie going. I thought Mariah Carey was hilarious in the film, please don't quit your dayjob, love. Really rare, took me awhile to find it...

Lorena O (ru) wrote: no la he visto, de echo la estoy buscando como loca, si alguien me la puede conseguir me harian feliz. Y como es del Brody, supongo que es buena, solo he visto cortos

Dave C (de) wrote: Noises Off is what is is, and what it is is an absolutely absurd stage play put to film. It's not an adaptation so much as it is LITERALLY a stage play being filmed with expensive equipment. Surprisingly, for most of the film this works. By the time the third act rolled around, I got a little tired of things since it requires paying complete attention to how the play is supposed to go (which you see in act 1), and by then I was so worn out by the *non-stop* jokes and silliness that I didn't really appreciate how fucked up the final act was. Not a fault of the film, really, but still something worth noting.I was honestly surprised by how much I enjoyed this little flick, but your enjoyment of it may waver depending on how much you like seeing comedies on stage. Me, I could go either way, but this was extremely enjoyable. I'd relish a chance to see it on stage some day, but for now, I'll enjoy this pitch-perfect-to-a-fault adaptation.

Lee H (gb) wrote: As good as the film is, its stellar moments showed it had the potential to be much more than it was. The actor playing Truman was fantastic. Gregory Peck as MacArthur shone when the script allowed him to, but the development of the character seemed somewhat inconsistent, at least for one less familiar with MacArthur as a personal figure.

Jonathan S (ag) wrote: It's either one of Rollin's weakest, or one of his strongest; dammned if I know. It's not the film to see if you're a Rollin Vampire Virgin, mainly beacuse it's too languid and plain weird to enjoy without dipping into his more normal... strike that, LESS WEIRD works first. Two hotpants-wearing dollybirds escape a crime scene dressed as clowns and spend a nice couple of days in the countryside with some rather down-on-their luck vampires after getting "eternally lost". Rollin wrote it in one night. You can tell...

Anton M (us) wrote: a very good gangster movie in the path of goodfellas with a great cast

Petros T (nl) wrote: Definitely not original but still quite entertaining. The highlight for me definitely was Steve Buscemi's character and acting, while extra points have to be awarded for the very good soundtrack. And of course the action is pretty good, leaving no room to feel bored.