Innocent Thing

Innocent Thing

A high school student develops a crush on her gym teacher.

Joon-KiĀ is a popular P.E. teacher Although he';;s used to playful advances from pubescent students, things take a dangerous turn when Young-eun . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Spencer S (ru) wrote: Bateman's directorial debut didn't have too much fanfare attached, but that's been the case for the comedic actor, lately. Since Bateman's fame has grown with the cult following of "Arrested Development", and his turns in commercially viable faire like "Horrible Bosses" and "Couples Retreat." Still, he's not the one you go to, to head a giant comedy blockbuster like you would with Rogen, Hill, or the gals from "Bridesmaids." Lately he has been making films that are genuinely dark and grotesque, and sometimes they have a feeling of being an indie without actually being one. The script comes from Andrew Dodge, and was featured on the Hollywood Blacklist of 2011. It's easy to see why when you meet the lead character, Guy, who is the ultimate definition of a curmudgeon. He says horrible things to his reporter comrade Jenny (Hahn), other contestants (who are all children), women, passerby, and even the head of the spelling bee he is competing in. The premise is obviously great for laughs, but the real star of the film is sweet little Rohan Chand as Chaitanya Chopra, a precocious nine year old who just wants to be a friend to this middle aged man , who he is competing against. Between his wide, glassy eyed stare, his squeaky, cute voice, and his adept delivery of each punchline, he is the perfect comedic sidekick to Bateman's antics. Though the dark humor is great, occasionally it feels too forced. Reportedly Bateman and Dodge worked on the screenplay extensively because it sometimes went too far. I can only imagine what that means, since there's already course language, feces being plopped on a hotel clerk's desk, and a child meeting his first prostitute. The question isn't whether this goes too far, or course, but if it does a good job of showing character development and is genuinely funny and it is and does. In the ending scenes I felt something for Guy Trilby, though Bateman did a great job of making him the least likable character of the entire film. This is a troubled little gem of a film, but it is duly enjoyable and educational. You learn about the power of words, the competition involved in spelling bees, and how piteous hateful people truly are. While this film received mixed reviews, I would recommend it to anyone who likes dark, off-color comedies. If nothing else watch for Chopra's performance, which is both the cutest and creepiest example of a child actor latching to the material I have ever seen.

RajanSatish P (gb) wrote: Poor Acting...Cheap Thrills That Did Not Work BIG time . Dud

Ricky C (mx) wrote: During the period of military regime in Brazil the only thing makes Brasilians happy is football or lets call it ''Pele''. And a football fan kid left to fend for himself by the help of neighbors. A great movie really! I liked the colors used. Successful in reflecting the world of a child.

Anakin S (us) wrote: Coolio en force special.... Mouarfffff

Justice F (ag) wrote: Exceptional film I loved this movie great acting a fantastic film and a must see A

Mike C (fr) wrote: I think it's just hard to make a good film about what is probably the greatest human tragedy (and undoubtedly the greatest at this time). Trade had some poignant and troubling scenes, but like this movie, was undermarketed and failed to convey the true sadness of human trafficking. Taken was well-marketed, but mostly for its action/revenge angle. As for this movie, it is moving enough. Ron Livingston never shows much range, but his baseline, average character is a pretty fucking likable guy. Nguyen I think does well for the part and is only not believable in a few minor scenes. I'm thankful for movies like this that shine the light on a very serious issue. In this particular film, there are two nasty scenes: one with very young children (too young for boom boom but plenty old for yum yum...about 6-7 years old if that), and naturally the scene where Nguyen's character is finally used. Even though nothing is shown, the subtlety is plenty. SPOILERS - I like that the ending is not happily tied up (as few of these cases are), but I think a better ending would have been to hit the credits while both were running.

Jonathan S (ca) wrote: god damn it I want to see it again

anders k (de) wrote: I thought it was a very thrilling action movie with a plot done right.

Cassandra M (au) wrote: The ever-cool Richard Roundtree, who along with the equally awesome John Saxon has played more cops than any other actor alive, makes his third appearance as John Shaft, the super-tough, super-smooth, oh-so-hot black private dick who's a sex machine to all the chicks and a most gnarly guy who's always getting into loads of trouble. This time our main man Shaft -- the ultimate bad-a** soul brother from the Big Apple hood -- goes to the motherland (that's Africa, homeys) so he can get the goods on an evil black slavery ring that's run by -- natch -- an odious bunch of wicked white b**tards, with the Major Nasty Man himself being suavely slimy French dirt-bag Frank Finley. Like, can you dig this funky s**t, baby? Well, frankly I totally dug this simply fantastic and wonderfully outrageous globe-trotting action/adventure treat.John Guillerman's briskly efficient direction keeps the rousing zesty momentum humming along throughout, the action scenes are suitably rough, strenuous, exciting and dynamically staged (the stick fights in particular are the genuine happening article), there's a welcome sense of wryly self-deprecating humor (a male assassin in drag tries to plug Shaft in an airport bathroom!), the dialogue sporadically offers a few profanity-laced slangy zingers ("Baby this may blow your mind, but I don't want to [*very naughty word deleted*] you?") and the snappy pace never lets up for a minute, thereby ensuring that "Shaft in Africa" races towards a thrilling conclusion with terrifically steady and unwavering headlong brio. Moreover, the luscious Vonetta McGee lends her fetching, captivating presence as a foxy young African princess who helps Shaft out, Johnny Pate's intensely groovy wah-wah guitar-ripping score is very easy on the ears, the ever-wondrous and under-appreciated Frank McRae pops up in an amusing minor part as a bothersome henchman, the African scenery's gorgeous, Roundtree carries himself with his customary extremely watchable and winningly easy'n'breezy off-handed grace, and -- hubba! hubba! -- the tiny, adorable, curvaceous blonde looker Neda Arneric will definitely raise the blood pressure of any red-blooded heterosexual male with her smoking hot portrayal of Finley's sensuous, sex-starved main squeeze (Arneric's steamy seduction sequence with Shaft is so incredibly sexy and arousing that it nearly melted my DVD player). A hugely satisfying and immensely stirring final filmic fling for blaxploitation cinema's single most engaging and significant take-charge man's man rugged individualist protagonist.

Andrew S (gb) wrote: A little bit Spy Kids, a little Alex Rider, a little Indiana Jones.Great premise for a movie, Michelle Forbes is brilliant in this.

Marcus M (kr) wrote: Cold War Film Noir ! A 3 time loser pickpocket Skip (Wildmark) ,unwittingly steals a micro film from Candy (Peters) unfortunately for Skip, Candy was being tailed by the FBI, who go to the cops who are itching to throw Skip in the jail and throw away the key. The acting chops belongs to Thelma Ritter, where in a particular scene, her character Moe will break your heart.

Fabrcio M (it) wrote: it isn't so good nor so bad. fun at some moments, exhausting in others.

Jacob F (ag) wrote: The next found footage film from the director of the fantastic Blair witch project is here...and it lacks everything that made Blair witch great. It's dull, slow, has poor acting and writing, while also failing to make big foot seem like a threat or be interesting. A major disappointment.

Rodney E (nl) wrote: Was rather boring until the end, which had a nice little chill. It was clearly one of those movies where I felt it was boring and could see the ending coming and the dullness is almost redeemed.

chris a (es) wrote: Ben Foster is what makes this film watchable but much beyond that, The Program leaves you wanting so much more.

Angela C (kr) wrote: I happen to see this movie on cable and had no idea what to expect. It was a feel good movie and as I got into it, recognized the Christian current and it was refreshing. It was a tear jerker at times. I had no idea it was based on a true story until I got to the very end, which made it even more rewarding. I love Jennifer Garner, she's the reason I decided to give it a shot but was pleasantly surprised by the feel good, Christian message and that it was based on a true story. Well worth watching. This is the first movie I ever felt compelled to write a review or provide feedback.