Inocencia mortal

Inocencia mortal

A model, whose brother committed suicide by hanging himself, is the girlfriend of a rock singer. The city is hit by a series of killings. A secret admirer of the model is responsible for discovering the murderer.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1988
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Inocencia mortal torrent reviews

Sveinung L (it) wrote: A visual masterpiece. The story could have a bit more substance. the grotesque turn may seem a little pretentious, but i like the overall creepy tone throught the film.

Karsh D (ca) wrote: Was expecting far worse and although it aint good it has the occasional comedic moment.

Charvi K (de) wrote: I thought it quite sweet. Zafar managed to just up the stakes for Romance heroes in Bollywood with his unrealistically wonderful character. Don't go in expecting an exercise along the lines of Before Sunrise or After Sunset, and you might be pleasantly surprised. Screw the foreign critics. They're probably confused because the film's neither completely Bollywood-y nor the kind of seasoned American chick flick Rachel McAdams and Ashton Kutcher dole out in huge doses.

Lili L (fr) wrote: One of the most thought-provoking movies I've seen in a while. I was surprised to see how many people were discussing it long after it was over.

Brent D (de) wrote: If people judge movies on the acting alone, than this thing never should have seen the light of day.....unless it has something in common with its antagonists, in which case, bring on the sun. This isn't so much a sequel to one of the coolest vampire movies ever (although it is) as it is an underfunded and poorly acted fan film that isn't. There's plenty of callouts to the original, such as the redubbed and covered main theme of "Cry, Little Sister" (sounds horrible now) and some hints that Chris and Nicole may be the children of Michael and Star from film 1, but they're all overshadowed by the main event travesty. Even Corey Feldman's appearance as Edgar Frog, acting EXACTLY the same, feels slightly neutered from how he was before, making him a teenager in an adult's body instead of an adult who's been doing this since he was a young teenager. It almost feels as though this was a third film and that the real second film -- one showing the loss of Michael and Star and what happened to Sam -- is out there somewhere, never to see the light of day. Really, it's just an expansion on a franchise that didn't need expanding in an effort to either (A) make some more money, or (B) make Corey Feldman relevant. It didn't do either, though, and instead all we have is a bubbling pile of blood and ash that's gonna be a bitch to clean up.

Matt M (es) wrote: Romatic comedy with adventure twists as an unlikely couple, a scruffy pilot and a posh career woman, find themselves stranded on a deserted remote island threatened by pirates. Predictable and sometimes annoying.

Bill R (es) wrote: Funny, haven't thought about this movie in a while.

Sorcha F (de) wrote: good fun and a very enjoyable performance by George Hamilton

Courtney S (es) wrote: Pretty crazy movie with a Swede playing Yen, a brutal Chinese general and exotic male prospect. Really strange and sometimes offensive. The message really comes out that it's impossible to help the Chinese because they're busy killing each other for no reason and Christian missionaries are wasting their time and risking their lives. But it does have a certain contempt for their misplaced efforts.

Federico E (fr) wrote: Great film in the surreal art genre. Even it's many years I last saw it, the eye cutting scene still is remakeble clear in my head.

Jim M (it) wrote: The Philippines, 1941: Lt Rusty Ryan and John Brickley command a squadron of PT Boats believed by Command to be good for little more then messenger duty...until the Japanese strike Pearl Harbor and invade the Philippines. As the Americans mount a desperate (but doomed) defense Brickley and Ryan prove the PT Boats worth, hammering the Imperial Navy, slowing the invasion, but as casualties mount it becomes obvious that the Philipinnes are lost, forcing some tough choices. Who gets evacuated to Australia and who is expendable? Decient John Wayne war movie about a seldom filmed part of WWII, the ill fated Defense of the Philippines after Pearl Harbor and the tough choices made and holding senior rank didn't mean you wheren't expendable next and military outsiders suddenly found there theories tested and proved making them invaluable regardless of rank. Drags at parts and time hasn't been kind but worth a look if your interested in WWII. Since Hollywood seems determined to remake every movie ever why not give this a go big shots? Trivia Robert Montgomery (Brickley) was an actual PT Boat Capt. during the Second World War.