A wife becomes suspicious of her police officer-turned-politician husband.

A wife becomes suspicious of her police officer-turned-politician husband. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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mario m (ag) wrote: excellent video ???

Estelle R (it) wrote: Enjoyable. Nice french rom com. Sweet though not exceptional.

David L (fr) wrote: Very much an anticlimax having watched this following the trailer. It took an age to get into the thick of the action, and we were subjected to a huge build up as we watched the relationship of the two couples blossom and then break under the tired, and testing nature of the jungle trek. I'm all for a film needing a good introduction to set the scene, but when the majority of the movie is based upon this, and then backed up by a poor quality climax, it all comes to nothing. The film was shot through the eye of the camera lens, a bit like 'Cloverfield', as we embarked on a journey of four adventurers attempting to track down the whereabouts of a historical figure. However, following the scenes was not as easy as within that film, perhaps because this was based on true events and wanted more realism (with a shaky camera hand), or just because this was built on a lower budget; who knows?! The concept of it being a true story conjures up a scary thought, but unfortunately the rest of the script failed to inspire any suspense or shock, and even the sight of a severely mutilated, yet living body didn't even bring about much reaction.

Martin K (au) wrote: La geste des cas-sociaux, l'pope des bras-casss, la lgende des bouseux trans-genre

Colleen R (ca) wrote: same as the other comment best movie ever made

Max D (nl) wrote: Taking six very pointedly immoral characters and spinning a tale of secrecy, lies, and murder, this movie shows us what not to do and ends with every man getting what's coming to him. If the character development wasn't enough, the special effects prove to be effective tools, honing in on the deeper meanings of the script. The acting allows the audience to relate to the characters and understand the sometimes hidden messages meant to teach. These aspects keep people coming back to watch over and over again this cult classic.

Clay C (jp) wrote: Funny! Adds caveman language to your vocabulary. I want some "ool"! Later maybe "zug-zug"!

Brandon S (jp) wrote: An eloquent, beautiful, inspiring, horrifying, disturbing and striking portrayal of the darkest time in American history. Steve McQueen has crafted something devastatingly brilliant.This is cinema's potential to make us feel truly realized. A harrowing tale of survival, faith and perseverance.

Sam M (us) wrote: Commando took some notes here. David Patrick Kelly playing almost the same part with calypso styled music in the background. But the main thing is Eddie Murphy did a hell of a job as a debut, Nick Nolte was convincing even though the on screen chemistry between the two leads could have been better it's still a good film.

Alex S (ca) wrote: The special effects are more consistent than in its predecessor, but Alien Resurrection is a mistake to the franchise with Ripley being some superhero for whatever reason, a poor script, and a too heavy reliance on blood and gore.

Haytham K (ag) wrote: A good old-fashioned romance from the Golden Age of Hollywood

Max L (fr) wrote: It was soooo beautiful. Although the acting was iffy, it's theme was inner beauty, which people fail to look at in a person in the real world.

Jay B (jp) wrote: Dumb, but still more entertaining than the rest of the franchise.

Lee G (de) wrote: Joe average goes beserk in the most banal, irritating way possible.