Amjad is a auto-rickshaw driver in Bombay, and lives with his mother in a small tenement in Bombay's slums. His mother had originally given birth to another son, Munna, who has been missing for several years. She is over-joyed when Munna returns home, and both she and Amjad welcome him, and celebrate. They do not know that Munna is now known as Azhar Khan - a member of a Jihaadi terrorist group, who is now using Amjad and his mother as a cover, in order to carry out a deadly and daring terrorist attack.

A loner ex-cop driven by his need for vengeance, no one, nothing, is able to penetrate his shell. Not even the love of Meghna who hopes in vain that her love will make him forget his pain. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Insan torrent reviews

Aisha O (br) wrote: Nerdy NASA movie lol

Shawn H (gb) wrote: Surprisingly large cast of good actors. Was very suspicious of the plot when it began. Gave it a chance and while I won't remember it for anything groundbreaking, it was cute and entertaining for a lazy Sunday.

Mylene O (it) wrote: Bon petit film Quebecois. L'histoire est divertissante et meme touchante.

Erck S (mx) wrote: "there's no higher freedom that can be achieved than the freedom we achieve when we follow our conscience. and that's something you can live by, and never regret."

Zed L (es) wrote: Outstanding film by Bhandarkar! Very hardhitting and realistic.

i love haters (es) wrote: dis iz da 1 of da bes movies ever

Sandy C (it) wrote: The story isn't convincing but it's worth it to see young Peter Boyle (playing a role similar to his Ray Ramono's dad-character, except a louder, more drunk and ignorant version!) and Susan Sarandon.

Carol G (jp) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek, fun, action-packed movie! Both lead actors did a great job....