After he's institutionalized in order to cover for his sister, a young man encounters a doctor who is turning his patients into flesh-eating psychopaths

After he's institutionalized in order to cover for his sister, a young man encounters a doctor who is turning his patients into flesh-eating psychopaths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Insanitarium torrent reviews

Joseph W (ca) wrote: Great movie and great action scenes. Selena does an awesome job with this movie.

Bryan W (ca) wrote: W: 1. Surprisingly good sci-fi film.

shen c (kr) wrote: some parts are said real..i can relate

Corey n (fr) wrote: This was kind of a odd film. It stars Michael Beach as a psychiatrist who gets a new job at a mental ward. As brillant as he is he can't seem to figure out a patient played by Eriq LaSalle who states he is the devil. Things begin to happen and he questions his own sanity. Is this guy really the devil or is he just beginning to go crazy. The film has a interesting story. The acting is solid. There are times in this movie I found myself scratching my head. I guess that is why I gave it a lower rating. I might have to watch this again. But for now it was kind of hit and miss with me.

ole bjrn l (de) wrote: love pool love gambling,but reminds me a littel bit about Runders,but i know the director love poker so i get it ;)

Bill B (de) wrote: We gave this one another look the other day and I'm pleased to see how well it holds up, even knowing the various twists the story takes. Hell, Matthew McConaughey as a creepy Texan with a disturbing story to tell us? Probably not much of a stretch, but man is it entertaining. I love the various timelines, filling in the gaps from the tales of the lead a s a boy up into the present day, it all pulls togetehr very well.Recommended.

Megan G (us) wrote: luved it, thought it wuz funny,lol :)

David P (jp) wrote: Nice 1920s futurist stuff. Directed by a Kiwi incidentally. Engaging plot and lots of style.

Vlad M (ca) wrote: What the fuck did I just watch?

Stephanie V (es) wrote: loved this movie Cathy Bates was wonderful

Rubaba S (ca) wrote: agood story with wonderful songs!

Luke C (es) wrote: We didn't know this existed because the people who saw it wish it didn't exists

Wiard W (it) wrote: Of the many greats classic from Hollywood's golden age this remains one of the best. film with performances by James Stewart and June Allyson

Shaaib R (fr) wrote: I saw this movie and I really enjoyed it. I'm pretty sure if you take your kids to see this movie and they are from about 6-10 years old they most likely will probably end up crying in one of the scenes. This is a very sad movie. But in the end it turns out good. I don't understand why they added the alien at the end that made no sense. It seems like the parents that mostly reviewed this movie were upset and this movie got a bad rating is, because it really isn't "kid-friendly" and if your child understood everything in the movie they probably would have cried during the movie. Most parents are saying that this movie was bad, because it was mostly sad and because of the violence especially the part where Astro/Toby is trying to be destroyed by the cruel heartless president Stone. The saddest part in the movie for me was probably where Dr. Tenma a.k.a. Astro/Toby's Dad is going to remove the blue core and give it to president stone. If you notice Dr. Tenma seems to go along with everything president stone says until the end. Especially the part where Stone says it's a machine. Yes he's a robot but he has a brain, emotions, and a heart. He is much more than just a robot. What I found really sad was the Robot Toby didn't even know he was a robot. I almost cried during the movie. I also saw that a lot of people's reviews said that this movie talks about loss, grief, neglect, and destruction. I really liked this movie, but the sadness is unavoidable, because that is what the original series is about. The idea is to make you feel sorry and sympathetic for The Robot Toby. Some people just cried. I agree a little with the critic. It is hard to make a kid friendly movie combined with the cold original japanese manga. That's probably why it got a bad rating, but it could've been better. If I was Dr. Tenma and I knew that the Robot Toby wasn't the same I wouldn't just deactivate him and get rid of him. I would learn to understand him and still treat him like a son. I am 12 yrs old. That is my review

Leena L (fr) wrote: Again one of those films that happen inside a small space but yet are intense enough to keep you at the edge all the way through. And as always, reality is full of impressive people and stories.

Eugene L (au) wrote: An enjoyable comedy about the double standards that were prevalent in Sicily. In theory the material is dark, but the film highlights the absurdness of the situations the characters are in, and this makes it very funny. I thought it was even funnier than 'Divorce Italian Style'.