A once loyal soldier faces many challenges after turning into a rebel.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1955
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:suicide,   riot,   remake,  

A once loyal soldier faces many challenges after turning into a rebel. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alistair B (mx) wrote: Don't know why everyone hatted this film, i think its the start of something great!

T K (jp) wrote: kind of a love / hate. would never recommend, but as background noise, there are some good bits that will stop you in whatever it is you are doing.

intuciic (ru) wrote: interesting and somehow weird movie

Denise C (nl) wrote: Just Like Heaven is ethereal, romantic and refreshing. The viewer is given the opportunity to view life from a spiritual perspective and consider alternate possibilities. The movie offers just the right amount of sweetness, humor and romance.

Well A (au) wrote: Lindo. Diverso e emoo do incio ao fim. Tudo nesse filme mgico. Os personagens so NICOS! Fora que a animao de descolar a retina!

Grant S (jp) wrote: The biggest joke is on those who paid to see this.A process server, Joe Tyler (played by Matthew Perry) is given the task of serving divorce papers on Sara Moore (Elizabeth Hurley), the wife of of a wealthy Texas businessman. To do so he needs to contend with her attempts at evasion and the attempts of a colleague to undermine him.You would think that the comedy of Matthew Perry and the allure of Liz Hurley would make for a decent movie. They do the best they can, but are massively undermined by the script writers. The movie is not funny. The attempts at jokes are incredibly bad - even Perry with his great physical humour, timing and delivery can't make them work. You can't polish a turd...On the plus side (and it's the only plus), Liz Hurley does light up the screen and is a good distraction from the woefulness of the remainder of the movie.Interesting to note that the supporting cast includes Amy Adams in one of her earliest movies.Avoid.

Adam B (ru) wrote: A solid B movie. I would not buy it, watch again or recommend someone even download it. If it is on TV and nothing else is on give it a watch. Some of the action scenes are comical.

Bill B (ag) wrote: Genre director Jeff Lieberman gives us a pretty solid little backwoods slasher, and I dug it quite a bit, low-budget roots and allIt's indeed well worth a trip into the woods, to check out a property with friends and see what the mongoloid local who doesn't take kindly to new faces might be up to, y'know?Rental!

Ian C (es) wrote: Legendary lawmen is approached by a wealthy speculator with the offer of funding his campaign for senate. In order to secure backing he must hunt down a sex beast. The trilogy of shootouts at the end will make any spaghetti western fan cream their togs.

Trent R (it) wrote: Really holds up as a classic of fantastic cinema, even if you do not care about the ritual and mythological aspects. Becomes even more fascinating if you do.

Nandan T (us) wrote: A bit action-packed, but enjoyable nonetheless. Recommended!

Rs L (es) wrote: Saw this when it released... it was funny as heck. Satirical, sarcastic & right of the face Hollywood