Perfect in her pleasure, Brea explodes in sizzling scenes of delectable decadence. Soft and sensual, Brea directs her carnal urges into passionate interludes, vividly captured in the throes of her deepest desire.

A shop assistant discovers her megalomaniac boss is selling human flesh to his starving customers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Insatiable torrent reviews

Simon T (nl) wrote: They've got the movie info screwed on this one. It should read:"Since the death of his wife Kathy two years earlier, Jack Andrews' (Val Kilmer) life has been a shambles. Jack spends his days at the local bar, his nights in the casino and sees Kathy in every beautiful woman. Fay Forrester (Joanne Whalley), gorgeous and streetwise, has just stolen three quarters iof a million of the mob's dollars and needs to dissappear. Forever.She asks Jack to fake her death and he succeeds beyond his wildest dreams - everyone believes Fay is dead."A great little noir also starring Michael Madsen in a role similar to the one he would later take on in Reservoir Dogs.

Lee P (jp) wrote: i had the pleasure of seeing this film,Robert Englund does an incredible job making you believe Inkubus has existed throughout time, the movie is a single location set centered round a police station but this film is anything but stale... Breakout performances from both acting legend william forsythe and joey fatone.this film is more of a psychological thriller,then a blood and gore,although it has its scenes with some great kills... the film is in limited release so catch it while u can,through nov 3 rd

Nicola W (au) wrote: Well I really enjoyed this, goes to show how humans are ruining the earth. Even the lion was a vegetarian! Excellent cast voices, not sure why reviews are so bad

Kyle M (ag) wrote: A DCOM makeover of the Disney Princess brand with few of the same traits, mainly from "Cinderella," starring two Disney Channel girls (who've known each other since they were kids in a show with a dinosaur). (B-)(Full review coming soon - with better wording)

Alyssa W (de) wrote: Not the best movie. Kinda odd. Can tell it was a Disney movie that didn't make it to theaters

Dingleberry P (mx) wrote: Apart from a single good twist, this is clich-ridden, badly scripted garbage.

Dave S (it) wrote: Almost more interesting for the incidental questions about documentary ethics than for the actual "what is art?" exploration.

Liam M (mx) wrote: Capitalises on all of the worst parts of its predecessor.

Brian C (nl) wrote: Quite the mixed bag, with too much going on. The acting is quite good, and there is lots of fun especially with the psychic moments between the four friends, and between Mr Grey and Henry. Their backstory is interesting, but the aliens....sigh. Bum lampreys for everyone

Zoran S (it) wrote: The dude from The Shield was in it.

Sarah C (au) wrote: My voyage of discovery into Japanese film-making reaches titillating territory with this exploitation "chick-flick" that does little to exemplify female solidarity. Our feisty heroine Matsu, who even after a year in an underground dungeon is still more glamorous than the entire cast of Prisoner Cell Block H, is gang-raped by prison guards under orders of the vengeful warden. Then in the bus on the way home, her fellow prisoners give her a good kicking for having just lain there (tied to a makeshift cross, no less) and taken it. Things don't improve much as our rag-tag bunch of murderers, whores and arsonists bicker and backstab their way across country via a few surreal interludes and an encounter with some randy salarymen to a final confrontation with the authorities and a slow-moving finale between Scorpion and her arch-enemy the warden. For some reason it reminds me of Watership Down crossed with Funny Face. Just don't ask me why ...

Tom D (br) wrote: Occasional lapses but on the whole a very effective post-apocalyptic tale built on an old buddhist story.

Thomas P (au) wrote: one of the best action thriller films that I like in 2011 the cast is great and the story is true!

David L (kr) wrote: Ermmmm ....... WTF? I was expecting something a little more serious than this, but instead I've got some comical Leprechaun that terrorises some small town folk with the use of some extremely poor CGI. Set around the old Irish legend, this green monster will stop at nothing to reclaim his bag of gold at the end of the rainbow, and can only be destroyed using a four leaf clover. Even that part is debatable given I've just seen there are numerous sequels in this franchise so either he has a lot of long lost brothers, or the old clover legend doesn't have it's rumoured effect. Introducing Jennifer Anniston in her first film role, she provides the only household name, other than Warwick Davis, who is barely recognisable as the primary villain. Hardly a film for her to be remembered by, but saying that, who would have predicted Johnny Depp's rise to fame after featuring in A Nightmare on Elm Street? It's not scary, it's not gory or horror like at all really. There's a lot of red blood produced but it's not very believable and it soon loses credibility after the first few scenes. I think I was expecting an Irish version of Chucky which would make it more terrorising but sadly I was disappointed. Normally originals are the best in a series of films, which is quite worrying if that pattern continues here. Knowing me, I'd probably watch all the other films over time, but it's definitely got to be background viewing whilst enduring a load of ironing.

David S (au) wrote: Some potential here, this movie had plenty of scares throughout, but storyline was bleh and some CGI made it feel hokey at times.