Insects in the Backyard

Insects in the Backyard

In the absence of their parents, Johnny (15) and Jennifer (17) are being brought up by their "big sister" Tanya, an overdressed transvestite who eats and smokes too much and causes both ...

In the absence of their parents, Johnny (15) and Jennifer (17) are being brought up by their "big sister" Tanya, an overdressed transvestite who eats and smokes too much and causes both ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tony S (ca) wrote: I'm sure youngsters got a kick out of it, it just gave me a headache.

Tyler R (it) wrote: An exceptional cast and some inventive editing can't save The Fifth Estate from being a boring portrait of an arrogant man. The film follows the rise of Wikileaks. Well, its supposed to. What we get is more of a "character study" of Julian Assange. Let me sum up his character in a word: Ass. There is nothing more to the character, no matter how hard Benedict Cumberbatch tries. And try he does, because not only does he nail the Australian accent, but he even tries to add some depth to his character, such as a scene where he reveals he is a father. Other than that, he isn't given much. The same can be said with the rest of the cast. Another positive is the inventive editing of certain scenes, particularly the office scenes. Besides those two positives, the film drowns in boredom. There aren't real stakes, so it can barely be called a thriller, so I guess we can call it a drama. Unfortunately, it isn't much of that either. It's just...dull.

Harry W (br) wrote: I preferred Death Proof.... I found Robert Rodriguez to be on top-form throughout this inspired zombie/action/exploitation fick, however much of the duration of the film is like a stuffy, cramped elevator, regarding the over-kill on supporting characters that are really relevant to absolutely nothing. It is almost like a broadway show with the amount of forgettable characters providing mere comic relief or a nonsensical meandering from the plot. The grainy style of Grindhouse cinema works well whilst watching Rose McGowan play a go-go dancer with a machine gun for a leg that is somehow fully functional as an actual weapon, shooting missiles at zombies. Don't try to make sense of it, you'll probably die.

David T (mx) wrote: This ghost story has it's moments, but overall, it falls flat after the halfway point and is extremely predictable. There was one scene in particular that stood out for me, but I found the rest to be rather forgetable, not to mention filled with loopholes. I'm not saying that this is a bad film. Its okay enough, its just not very original or well thought out. But its surely a decent time waster.

Ker Malkin G (us) wrote: Felicity Huffman knocked it out of the ballpark!

Keith W (ru) wrote: First time I saw this movie was in college, but it's definitely worth watching periodically. Every other minute is a moment of heart stopping suspense. Will the Nazis find the Jew who's hiding in plain sight?

Mark F (it) wrote: I seriously loved this movie when I was a kid. I think mostly because of the special fx and the idea of flying a spaceship around the world. It's still watchable today, although the alien gets annoying when he adopts his human 'personality'. The kid's hair causes some distracting continuity issues inside the spaceship too. It kinda inflates and deflates in volume every few seconds. In general it's fun though.

wedstarfish 8 (br) wrote: Final Destination is the very first installment in one of the most popular horror franchises of all time, and I honestly think it's pretty good. Lacking the slasher genre and having a more unique element of horror and death, Final Destination is a very well done horror film that is very interesting and entertaining.

Peter P (ru) wrote: Brilliant horse work in a adventure filled ride about the worlds oldest long distance horse race. Viggo Mortensen is great as the haunted rider of Hidalgo, and the racing and action is well put together, although it was really hard to see the horse hurt, but at least we it was special effects.

Randy P (au) wrote: I didn't see the point in this documentary. Yes it's bizarre to collect penises, but does it have any impact on the world we know. To me this only serves the purpose to create laughs and makes you make funny expressions to what you see.

kaliyah f (mx) wrote: what a funny movie but just a crazy time in life!!!!!!!U r gonna love it.