A troubled young man, Li faces pressure at work and problems at home with his moody wife. Chuck, rescues Li from the brink of despair and becomes an unlikely mentor. But who is Chuck really?

A troubled young man, Li faces pressure at work and problems at home with his moody wife. Chuck, rescues Li from the brink of despair and becomes an unlikely mentor. But who is Chuck really? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nathan G (br) wrote: A ridiculous, non-funny, and simple waste of time.

Alfin N (it) wrote: Zaman sudah berubah. Film laga blasteran sudah tidak seperti masa Frank Zagarino dan Ayu Azhari.

Felix P (es) wrote: Great thriller from Norway. An art thief steals from people he shouldn't mess with. Surprising end.

Crystal M (au) wrote: mark is so cute! :D love ths storyline in it.

John B (fr) wrote: A tremendous tale of two unlikely friends stuck in a prison cell together somewhere in South America. They form a bond throughout the course of the film that is quite engaging to see develop. Escapism is well explored.

JeanFranois S (us) wrote: Un thriller trs russit dans un genre populaire o Preminger n'est pourtant pas trs familier. Mais le ralisateur l'exprience du film noir et y apporte sa noirceur et son savoir sur la psycholigie des personnages. Ainsi le spectateur est balad du dbut la fin de ce film avec de nombreux twists. Le film est galement le seul film non amricain tourn par le cinaste.

Jonathan F (jp) wrote: This movie was made intentionally bad. At least I hope so because if they were trying to make a good move, they failed miserably. This movie is bad, really bad. But I'll probably watch it again some day.

John A (au) wrote: Silly Kids Movie, Which Boasts An Average Performance From Robin Williams As A High School Chemistry Teacher In This Remake Of The Disney Classic, "The Absent-Minded Professor"

Joanna B (ca) wrote: There are few moments in a person's life, where they can reflect on the inclusions of their life and truly think "this is why I do, what I do and I love it". For me whilst looking at this film, I can truly say, I am blessed to be a film critic.As a massive fan of the horror movie genre I desperately wish I could support and promote this film. However, it is appropriate to say, with a clear conscience, this movie was simply horrifying (and not in the good way). Shonky editing, unoriginal dialogue, incoherent camerawork, dreadful acting and unconvincing effects is simply the appalling start. Although always suffering under the weight of minuscule budgets, Horror movies have managed to create their own place in the heart of the film industry. With the unwavering support of faithful followers desperate to feel the adrenaline rush of fear, the blood-curdling genre has developed its own niche and is no longer simply Halloween entertainment, house-fillers for release schedules, or saviours to collapsing studio houses. However, this offering it is less about the fright and more about the funds. Wannabe writer/director Oren Peli, a young California-based Israeli filmmaker took his shoestring budget of AU $17,000, and his personal creepy new home experiences and created yet another in the line of Blaire Witch "true story" knockoffs. Set over 21 supposedly disturbing days, within the four walls of a San Diego suburban clich, 23 year old uni student Kate (Kate Featherston) fears that a demonic spirit (that apparently has been around since she was eight) has become disturbed she recently moved in with her day-trader boyfriend Micah (Micah Sloat). Manifesting its discontent with the new living arrangements, the "spirit" makes his presence known by flicking on lights, making noises etc, just being irritating but relatively harmless. Intrigued by the weird happenings, the tech-savvy Micah sets up cameras and microphones around the house in hopes to catch the "spirit" in the act.The logic that most people would have, to either leave-it-alone and not to antagonise an unwanted visitor that you can't see or ask to leave, escapes Micah. Looking for reassurance, Micah and Kate invite a Ghost expert and physic (Mark Fredrichs) to the house, the news is not good and they are told it's not a spirit but a demon and to seek further help. Micah in a typical I-can-handle-anything macho guy way decides he can sort it all out personally and against advice, gets a Ouija Board to communicate directly with it. Only further infuriating the creature, the relationships inside the house get worse, as well as the happenings. This is finally where the film picks up (at about the 80 minute mark of the 89 minute movie) and things at long last begin to take off. Unsuccessful in its attempts to be scary, through the trite giddy and grainy shooting style, endless thumping up/down stairs, constant flashing lights and plaintive whimpers of "Turn that camera off!", "This isn't funny!" and "Oh, my god!", this movie did induce a number of undeserving teen squeals in my showing. Hands down the most triumphant thing about this film was the carefully choreographed internet marketing campaign. Artfully manipulated to meet supply and demand (similar to that of Michael Jackson's This Is It originally short screening schedule) whilst taping directly into the YouTube generations unquenchable thirst exclusivity and raw realism. Making stops at some of the more extravert film festivals, Screamfest (A must for horror fans) and Sundance's edgier sibling Slamdance, the Twitter/Facebook hype created behind this utterly unimpressive film is simply absurd. The Verdict: The scariest thing about this film, besides it US $100 million box office takings is that fact that people around the globe have deluded themselves into believing this crudely made cinematic abomination is anything more than a trumped up home movie. Save your money, Go rent a classic!Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 11/12/2009

Ryan M (fr) wrote: There's just something about this film I really love! It's got great "quirk" factor.

Felipe F (it) wrote: Alan Parker's unrelenting grip combined with Oliver Stone's sharp script makes Midnight Express a harrowing journey.