Inside Daisy Clover

Inside Daisy Clover

A girl on the road to stardom fights the dehumanizing effects of Hollywood life.

A tomboy turned movie star deals with the cruelty of Hollywood. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Joshua Y (it) wrote: Much better than the last Bourne movie but still not the original trilogy. I was happy to see Matt Damon play Bourne again though.

Alfonso M (ag) wrote: This documentary has a lot, although not all of it, surely because the Lance Armstrong stratagem/scheme runs so deep it may never see daylight ever. The interviews are compelling and jaw dropping and they could bond with those on another doc from 2013 titled THE ARMSTRONG LIE which made the rounds during the festival and awards circuit last year.Glad to see that Armstrong's fraud has not been shrugged, specially now that we're only hours away from this year's Tour de France to start.An outstanding documentary by Australia's ABC.Armstrong still has a zombie-like cult following of doping deniers who are still bitter about their God's fall from false grace.

Private U (us) wrote: It was a decent movie. Very obviously low-budget and independently made, but they pulled off pretty well. But, it was also cool to see a movie that was filmed around my hometown. It was interesting to see that some of the plot points were actually directly based off of current events in the area.

Tim D (de) wrote: Predictable action, terrible script, poor acting, marginal special effects. The thing is, given the premise, not sure if the movie could have been any better.

Stephen T (kr) wrote: You can get more entertainment from standing in line at a grocery store. Do not watch.

Anthony G (gb) wrote: Flash back to the days of the uni bar and covers by local bands in my area. I never saw the real deal during their dizzying heights, but I have great memories of some bastardised version and it was hilarious to see just how that phase boiled down to grungewash. Things like band members when photographed for interviews couldn't even wear their own clothes, they were provided with a sanitised version of their clothes that would then be marketed with the article. My favourite line was that they thought maybe in 20 years they would be playing in bands doing R&B... They guy who said that must have had a crystal ball about what the music execs would make 'hip' in the future.

P D (it) wrote: Take the voice of J. Peterman from Seinfeld, the racial proclivities of Dog the Bouty Hunter, a slew of animals with a perilous fate, a buxom young lady and throw them into a jungle with a poorly devised script and a director repeatedly willing to cross bounds of tackiness in cinematic desperation and the nearly unwatchable result will be The Man from Deep River. Whenever the plot starts to sputter there is an abrupt injection of some beastial evisceration, tribesmen running with spears, or a topless Pantene commercial. Great for those with the attention span of a four-year old, but with questionable refinement. Loved the king cobra vs mongoose scene and the wife selection ceremony. Boy have we come along way since the seventies.

Kyle M (au) wrote: Influential in a way that was sometimes or somewhat mostly successfully attempted by other films, this another western classic turns out to be superior of its kind by how it was skilled and masterfully done thanks to the returning team of the previous western tale of "the man with no name." (A-)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Hctor T (es) wrote: Tell me, Honey, how come you're so cute?

Sherry L (de) wrote: It's not just that this movie has aged a lot, the biggest problem is that it's so unconvincing despite one or two decent actors. Don't misunderstand me, I really like Jodie Foster, but the script and the dialog is too poor, even if Jodie Foster does the best she can (and you have to admit how mature she always appears, even in her earlier movies) but her character just seems smooth-talkin', tough and platic no matter what happens. The movie is about four very different 16-year old's that are friends, and love to partying hard, and dream about a little place of their own where they can party alone (or something like that...what they really wanted was very unclear). The four teenagers don't just have very different personalities (so different actually that you start to wonder what they have in common) but different problems as well. Annie (Cherie Currie)is the most troubled of them all. She's the one who looovvveeesss ROCK'N ROLL!!!! and drinks the hardest, take the most drugs and sleeps with every guy (really creepy guys). Her father though, thinks she has a problem and puts her on a mental hospital (good work dad!) and then she escapes (of course) and we are all feeling soooo sorry for Annie when the friends find her drugged (and still in the mood for some more rock'n roll!!!) and then her psycho boyfriends try to get her while Jeanie's friend is doing some really corny stunts on the skateboard. The whole story ends when Annie dies, but not in something drug or alcohol related but in a lame car accident when she was getting a lift from a strange couple. And it all ends like a stupid morality tale with a stone face Foster just is sighing when putting flowers on Annie's grave and saying something like; shit happens.