Inside Death Row

Inside Death Row

Tour the office, watch 2pac as he is shown the booklet for All Eyez On Me for the first time, this thoughts on wanting to meet Tony Danza at the Grammy Awards, accompany 2pac and The ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:95 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:death row,   snoop,   rap,  

Tour the office, watch 2pac as he is shown the booklet for All Eyez On Me for the first time, this thoughts on wanting to meet Tony Danza at the Grammy Awards, accompany 2pac and The ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Inside Death Row torrent reviews

Vikram S (br) wrote: Unconventionally interesting & fun to watch. Good performances by the lead actors.

Alex S (ca) wrote: Stopped 10 minutes in; pretty sure this is just an elaborate ad for Vice

Sarah P (ag) wrote: Not as good as the fist and disappointing that the original voices (except for George Lopez were missing) but still cute and entertaining.

Sullivan L (nl) wrote: A little bit TV-ish, which was somewhat inevitable considering the setting of the story. The movie isn't spectacular but keeps you guessing for all its duration.

Benjamin A (fr) wrote: Very poor movie, the plot was failry predictable resemble parts of Last House of the Left and Texas Chainsaw. The dubbed version came off as almost comical. One thing though the special effects were all right.

Tami B (ag) wrote: Had a "made for T.V." feel to it, but with humor applied to a serious subject matter it was entertaining.

Richard B (jp) wrote: Superb film. Don't want to say too much except see it if you can.

Jonathan L (ru) wrote: I really don't think this film or it's reviews fully explain how hard this film is to watch. Even if your into woman's issues or indy films I think you would still have trouble watching this movie.First of all this entire film looks like it was shot with the camcorder my family had in the 80's. It was a VHS camera must have weighed 50 pounds. At least she had a tri-pod so she could get shots of her self going into and out of buildings. Just a little tip to the film maker: YOU DON"T NEED ONE OF THESE EVERY TIME YOU CHANGE LOCATION. She leaves a lot into this film and it makes the pace incredibly slow. Second it that 2/3 of this movie is taking heads. Honestly non-stop women complaining, they just kept going on and on. No hope Just girls complaining again and again. Very slow, I hope her next film picks up the pace.

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Does offer something different for a women in prison film. Grim future sees a woman sell her daughter into slavery digging tunnels inside a mountain. Women in their twenties must be the best workers in the future for hard labour.

Joe H (ru) wrote: Ok once it gets going but the who is who seems so twisted that you actually get lost and don't care about the plot anymore.

Frances H (ca) wrote: One problem I had with this flick was that having seen Jan Rubes in Witness, he didn't come across as evil enough for the part, or rather he just seemed too charming and that made him even more evil. But Roddy McDowell as the "muscle" for the villain was even worse, as one can easily imagine Mary Steenburgen overpowering him at any time, even without a weapon. Otherwise, a pretty good suspense story.

Millo T (mx) wrote: I would give it half an additional star if it didnt step over physics rules every five minutes (well, I give it after all, but I still complain about it)

Andrew G (gb) wrote: Pretty standard spider movie that is surprisingly low on scares or gore, but is unintentionally funny at times.

Tim R (nl) wrote: Revisited this after a decade away from it. Still as good as I remember. So compelling. Amazing score. 2-1/2s flies by.

Sergey B (es) wrote: A manly film directed and played by the greatest grandpas in Hollywood - Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman. It shows what leadership really is and how duly inspired people can go against the odds and win the race. The last lines by Mandela - "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." are truly inspiring. Recommended for watching not only to crazy rugby fans!

Christian H (jp) wrote: I won't say the critics were overly harsh with this one but it should've gotten better recognition. Bradley Cooper turns in quite a solid performance as a sobering chef on a comeback trail. Co-produced by master chef Gorden Ramsey with a great cast, pretty solid story cemented by visually vivid and appealing videography, It is only let down by the fact that it doesn't necessarily bring anything unique to make it stand out from similar chef films I've seen before.