Two friends doggedly build a mysterious artefact in the forest, the function of which remains unclear until the very end. INSIDE starts with a shot of a burnt tree stump in a forest. Materials are gathered. What are the various branches, stones and pieces of grass for and what will the silent activities lead to? INSIDE slowly uncovers an act of human solidarity. The camera hovers around two boys, ramping up the tension, and is supported by an excellent soundtrack.

Two friends doggedly build a mysterious artifact in the forest| the function of which remains unclear until the very end. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Darren B (gb) wrote: Stay away from this one. Absolutely brutal!!

James L (us) wrote: Entre Nos is a film about a mother of two who is forced to make it on her own after her husband leaves them in New York and doesn't return. The film is based on a true story and outlines their struggles living on the streets.

Leo K (jp) wrote: Beautiful in-essence addition to City of God! The photo realistic approach to an accepted every day corrupt society is what makes this film perfect. Would see this more than once! Rewatched, STILL recommended!

Ahmad J (au) wrote: Mostly terrible with very few redeeming qualities.

Sami Q (ag) wrote: amazing start but the film loses its touch in the second half. nonetheless, the promise shown by rakesh mehra is evident in the movie

Atteli09 (de) wrote: Rebecca De Mornay and Don Johnson

Ron C (it) wrote: This was a little over my head when I watched it at like, 9. Pretty interesting little film and worth a watch despite being slow.

Paul C (kr) wrote: The typical kind of live-action family film that Disney was churning out in the 60's and 70's - ideal for a wet weekend, but does show its age. Features Donald Sinden doing his usual plummy English gentleman and an early comedic role for Mako as an Eskimo guide. One for the kids really.

Derek R (ca) wrote: Jean Harlow best movie and Jean with Clark Gable makes the best on-screen team ever

laura a (jp) wrote: Hilarious Rom-com, storyline that could be improved upon. Overall however a great film :)

Armando B (it) wrote: One of Jet Li's good movies out there, yes It's corny, but the sci-fi premises is really quite good. I love parallel universe themes and this film pulls it off nicely. Sadly Jason Staham doesn't show of any fighting skills. Not a quality film, but overall I enjoyed it and would watch it again. So for this being a good action flick with great fighting scenes, I give "The One" a B-.