Kaitlyn, an ER nurse who is tending to a young stabbing victim, is accidentally electrocuted by the defibrillator that is used in an effort to save the woman's life. Almost immediately Kaitlyn starts to experience the victim's memories. She turns to family, friends, and the police, but no one takes her seriously. She decides that she must take it upon herself to try to solve the crime - or risk the terrifying visions ending in her own sanity being at stake. Ultimately Kaitlyn teams up with the detective on the case and weaves her way through the victim's past - to discover not only the brutal truth, but also some very unexpected lessons about life, love, sorrow and forgiveness along the way. (official website)

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:InSight 2011 full movies, InSight torrents movie

Kaitlyn, an ER nurse who is tending to a young stabbing victim, is accidentally electrocuted by the defibrillator that is used in an effort to save the woman's life. Almost immediately ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Peter W (ca) wrote: The orangutan character makes the film plus the scene where he fights 200 ninjas.

Paul W (us) wrote: Aware of poor critical and viewer reactions beforehand, I ordered this movie anyway ... I mean, c'mon, Samuel Jeckson ... and of course it turned out I shouldn't have. The Samaritan is dreary and derivative. Ex-con tries to go straight but his past catches up with him: I've seen it a dozen times before, and that's probably an underestimate. Everything is grim and dark, characters aren't consistent, it doesn't have anything new to say, and the emphasis on physical violence and its bloody effects is the next thing to porn. I felt ripped off.

Magdalena T (au) wrote: original, funny, not cheesy rom-com.. loved every bit of it!!!

Anthony J (mx) wrote: Action packed fun. A true Van Damme classic.

Mark T (fr) wrote: Brilliantly funny film, set in Stoke-on-Trent in 1974. A coming-of-age drama set against the backdrop of the Northern Soul underground music scene and the infamous Wigan Casino. Although not my kind of music and scene i enjoyed it immensely.

Heather A (it) wrote: If not for the atrocious acting and completely transparent "twist" ending, this might have been a decent movie. Instead do yourself a favor and only watch the first 4 minutes of the movie and then shut it off. Consider it the best short horror film you've ever seen.

Sylvester K (gb) wrote: This is goooooooooooooooooooooood, so underrated!!!! The story is one of the bests I've seen, realistic also.

Ottotomas T (au) wrote: excellent historic docudrama !

Josiah B (br) wrote: This is one of the most raw, gut-wrenching, sickening films I have ever seen. And it is criminally underrated. While it uses probably the most vile subject matter imaginable, it still has a moral compass. This is no carnival of sadistic fun, as many similar films are, it is a film about exposing the darkest corners of society, and a vicious exploration of the nature and reality of evil.

Sarah L (es) wrote: I like the literary qualities and the costumes. However, the incest plot was a bit obvious & disturbing. I also thought the description on the box was not accurate.

Richard D (de) wrote: So many of Corman's ultra-cheap movies are great because they start with a great script. Charles B. Griffith wrote this little gem about giant mutant crabs that devour peoples' brains and absorb their minds as a result. Ideas don't get much better than that. He doesn't really have the budget to fully realize the concept, but when you have a giant crab uttering the immortal line "So! You have wounded me! And I must grow a new claw! Well and good! - for I can do it in a day. But will you grow new lives when I have taken yours from you?" you really don't care if the effects are a bit dodgy.

Nathan F (de) wrote: Watch superheroes join a 1950's US military fight a floating alien island that fires dinosaurs at people. You read that correctly.

Humberto F (ag) wrote: An enjoyable mystery with a clever enough twist that still keeps you interested long after you've figured it out. What can one say about Eastwood, he's perfect in these roles. The cast is interesting, much more female dominated then usual for an Eastwood flick of this kind. Its interesting to note that his doctor and his old partner are both women, a fact that might have been different in a less interesting film. Eastwood's constant touching of his chest is a somber reminder of the frailty of the character and its speaks to his wanting to play more dimension into this genre role. Jeff Daniel's role is a stretch to believe admittedly. I've actually never really liked him much and his work here is only somewhat convincing; I believed him as the lazy boat bum, not so much as what he later is revealed to be. All in all, this and Gran Torino make for a fine onscreen farewell to Eastwood's thriller/action acting legacy.